Peculiarities of the paroemiological units vs translation

The translation of cultural marked units that convey some extralinguistic reality. The paroemiological wisdom as a guidance for people worldwide in their social interaction throughout the ages. The paroemiological units from the viewpoint of translation.

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  • The problem of translation modified contextual phraseological units, including proverbs. Examples of variation of idioms and proverbs, taken from the novel "The Moonstone" and "The Woman in White" by W. Collins and the typical errors in their translation.

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  • Features of the use of translation transformations in the translation of comparative phraseological units during the reproduction of the German novel E.M. Remark in Ukrainian. Research the different methods of applying translation transformations.

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  • Phraseological units as a subsystem of language. Semantic structure of the phraseological units. The translation of phraseological units. Idioms their classification. Functional types of idioms. Organization phraseology of modern English language.

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  • Display problems of the translation of phraseology in the works of scholars. The study of the specifics of phraseological units and ways of translating figurative phraseology. Difficulties translation of phraseological units and ways of their overcoming.

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  • Translation of phraseological units. Lexical combinations, the meaning of which is defined by the whole expression. The emotional expressiveness and conciseness. Reflection using phraseologisms the culture and national mentality of a particular nation.

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  • Phraseology as science. Ways of the translation of phraseological units. The phraseological unit signs. Stability of grammatical structure. Special character of grammatical structure. Semantic equivalence to the word. Constancy of component structure.

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  • The phraseological composition of language. The etymological classification of phraseological units. The problem of the translation of idioms. Analysis the frequency of idioms' usage referring to English and Russian. Cumulative and directive functions.

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  • Description the persuasive power of phraseological units in cosmetics leaflets written either in English, French. Considerable impact on a translator’s stylistic choices. Phraseological units and metaphor. The main provisions of rhetoric and stylistics.

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  • Phraseology as a branch of Lexicology. Semantic groups of idioms in modern English. Idioms and their peculiarities. The main specifications of phraseology. Semantic groups of idioms and their classification. Phraseological problems of translation.

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  • Features of the review of English phraseological units that characterize the person. Classification of idioms taking into account their structural and semantic aspects from various lexicographic sources. Analysis of examples of idioms translation.

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