History of a petroleum industry of the second half XIX and the XX-th century beginnings as a source for a museum collection

Gathering of materials about a petroleum industry in a museum creates favorable conditions for their protection. The assemblage of materials is stored In a museum about the factory "Brothers Nobel". The oil extracted by brothers Nobel in 1894-1903.

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  • An analysis of demand in the semiconductor industry, covering all three phases of materials: gases, liquids and solids. The study of the peculiarities of application for solids which includes a semiconductor substrate, metal, dielectric, an organic film.

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  • Application of the software package ConvEx in the design of storage tanks for petroleum products prone to self-degradation. Investigation of the influence of the geometric shape of the vessel on the critical temperature of storage of petroleum products.

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  • Theoretical study of the basic functioning of the starch industry. The raw materials used for the а production of polysaccharide under consideration. The structure of the modified starches and dextrin. The use of the ingredient as a food additive.

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  • Types of tool materials: from high-carbon steel to ceramics and diamonds, and their use as cutting tools in the modern metal industry. Cutting tool and its characteristics: hardness, strength. Achieving an acceptable tool life before replacing it.

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  • Consideration of lightweight aggregate that obtained from the raw material modified by clay minerals, zeolites. Protection the environment from petroleum substances. Modification of the lightweight aggregate with the use of spent zeolite sorbents.

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  • Application and classification of construction materials. Definition of key indicators affecting the choice of material. Alloys based on copper and aluminum. Properties, applications and benefits of innovative materials, thermosetting plastics, ceramics.

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  • Definitions and models of control in water supply and sanitation industry. Concession model of control sanitation industry in international practice. Condition of networks and evolution of model. Research limitations and future research directions.

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  • Test the tribological properties of lubricants as the main stage of assessing their suitability for use in friction. The scheme of the "cone - three ball" with the use of objects of simple geometric shapes to test different construction materials.

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  • These developments are devoted to the use of sol-gel processes in various branches of science and technology. Based on inorganic ion-exchange materials, a technology was developed to extract lithium from natural brines, which are poor in lithium content.

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  • Grinding of loose materials in order to increase the contact surface, improving rheological activity for the intensification of a number of chemical and physical. Select the most efficient and economically viable method of grinding a hard material.

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