Hardening technology of obtaining solid coating on the surface of steel products

The preparation of a hard coating on the area of steel products by the method of combined local strengthening technology with the intensification of the borating process. Effect of laser treatment of steel on increasing the depth of the hardened layer.

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  • A method and system for comparing, ranking, selecting and tracking mutual funds provides a statistical analysis based on past history to facilitate the investment process. The red and green shaded area at the bottom of the performance graph shows.

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  • The peculiarity of polygonal surface representations of piecewise linear interpolation area. Analysis of functional reporting procedures. Study 3D metamorphosis, global and local deformations. Collision detection in a variety of computer programs.

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  • The benefits of information technology as traditional educational institutions, and models of online education. The feature of the use of multimedia presentations, knowledge management software, video conferencing and cloud computing in English lessons.

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  • Impact of the material consumption on fiscal costs in the formation of the make cost of finished rolled output. Identification of the costs of material resources. Study of energy intensity indicators for the production of finished metallurgical products.

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  • Discussion of the problems in the study generated new technology language and its methodological principles. The value of new media in language learning to provide the type of acquisition of language skills and competencies needed in the community.

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  • The concept and the specificity of equivalence, its role and value in the linguistic theory of translation. The composition and nature of the most common positions in the process of literary translation. Graduation basic translation of the text.

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  • Analysis of the problems of output knowledge, recognized as a living causal implicit support of the natural process of understanding the meaning of the word. Accounting for the main products of the perceptually-cognitive-emotional-image of the individual.

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  • The pedagogic technology of forming communicative competence of the future teacher of foreign language. The sequential theoretical model is provided. The preconditions of speech practice strategies in the context of modern pedagogic investigations.

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  • Analysis of aerobic exercise as a good preparation for the normalization of blood pressure. Impact resistance on hemodynamics of the students are not the faculty of physical education. Increasing the level of sporting activity for reducing hypertension.

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  • There are many studies that investigate the process of speech perception. The quality characteristics of the food and perception of stop consonants. Types of hampered conditions. Type of challenging condition (solid food and soft food or liquid).

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