Hardening technology of obtaining solid coating on the surface of steel products

The preparation of a hard coating on the area of steel products by the method of combined local strengthening technology with the intensification of the borating process. Effect of laser treatment of steel on increasing the depth of the hardened layer.

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  • The basic features and characteristic features of the English literature as its chronological development. The best representatives of prose and poetry, dramatic art of different epoch and directions. Subjects of products of modern English authors.

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  • General characteristics of the educational market of Ukraine. Feature of public and private training institutions. Education as a kind of differentiated products. Determination of emporium of instructional services state as monopolistic competition.

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  • The peculiarity of the sci-fi vision of smart home technology. Transmission of coded signals through the wiring in the house, through switches and sockets, which are programmed to operate equipment and electronic devices in each part of the house.

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  • Development of modern molecular technology. Existing protein machines, designing with protein. Universal Assemblers - these second-generation nanomachines, built of more than just proteins. Molecular computers, nanocomputers and disassemblers today.

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  • Kentucky fried chicken as the second best global brand in the fast food industry in terms of value. Analysis of reliable grade in many countries. Feature providers fraud. Sale of unhealthy food to customers. Introduction of new products in the company.

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  • The treatment of words in lexicology. The importance of the connection between lexicology and phonetics. Definition of the word. Segmentation into denotative and connotative meaning. Method of revealing connotations the analysis of synonymic groups.

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  • Characteristics of small and medium-sized firms operating in the field of information technology and communications. Analysis of assistance to business incubators companies by renting premises at a reduced price and consulting in various matter areas.

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  • The peculiarity of the employ of sources of light on light-emitting diodes in hothouses. Testing of the technology of growing plants using lamps with LEDs grounded. Investigate different ways to stimulate the development of vegetable bioobjects.

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  • Effect of investment attractiveness of the company's competitiveness and financial stability. Using the coefficient ratio of market to book value the firm. The study of the effect of diversification, as well as profitability, leverage and liquidity.

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  • Complex definition of the concept "term". Revealing, by the example of polysemantic terms, the cases of their use in various fields of science and technology. Denial of the independence of terms from the linguistic and extralinguistic types of context.

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