Hardening technology of obtaining solid coating on the surface of steel products

The preparation of a hard coating on the area of steel products by the method of combined local strengthening technology with the intensification of the borating process. Effect of laser treatment of steel on increasing the depth of the hardened layer.

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  • The statement as an unit of the communication process with reference to the relationships while creating artistic text and increasing the transmitted information. The semantic branching of the text depending on the statement actualization by receiver.

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  • The research of the milk market as a mart for monopolistic competition with a characteristic proximity to monopsony. Analysis of the main stages of the technology of pricing for a dairy product. Distribution of profit among emporium participants.

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  • The feature of the development and application of superconducting transmission lines in modern energy. The main analysis of technology and the advantages of power lines using superconductors. The peculiarity of minimizing the external magnetic field.

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  • Types and features of texts, the role of different types of newspaper articles in the daily life of mankind. Methods translations of newspaper articles. Grammatical, lexical, phraseological and stylistic difficulties of translation of newspaper articles.

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  • Moscow as one of the ancient Russian cities: political, economic, religious, financial, educational and transportation center. Its total area and population. The most popular tourist destinations. The Tsar Cannon on the territory of the Kremlin.

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  • Typical scientific and technical styles. A report is in text, to communicate exact details of any special area and to consolidate the process of cognition. The main features of scientific style. Extensive and intensive development of scientific style.

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  • Studying the characteristics of the main discussion on the management of organizational culture at the methodological and technological levels. The main analysis of the order technology synthesis with an improvisational approach in management psychology.

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  • Development of design ballpoint freewheel for autorotation starters midline internal combustion engines. Definition of force interaction and maximum torque for the case where the grooves of one coupling half live in the manufacturing technology.

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  • The study of corporate culture as a factor in the impact on the effectiveness of the organization and the productivity of its employees. The peculiarity of establishing the relationship between the goals of the organization and the goals of employees.

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  • Analyse the phonology and history of American Standard pronunciation. Show differences between pronunciation of different regions of America and compare them with each other. Consideration the General and local accent. Study of phonetics and intonation.

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