Learning and memory

An overview of the full range of current knowledge about learning and memory. Capture advances in the ever-changing fields of memory, neuroscience, and cognition. Autobiographical memory, collective memory, dejavu, schizophrenia and memory and more.

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  • How attention and its various types influence the success of learning a foreign language. Deviations from the middle indexes which diagnosed the age. Deviations from the middle indexes which diagnosed the language visual attention of schoolchildren.

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  • Psychodinamic, humanistic, existential, dispositional, learning theories. Psychology of the Individual. Humanistic Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalitic Social Theory. Object Relations Theory. Cognitive Social Learning Theory. Psychology of Personal Constructs.

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  • Psychological content of teaching foreign languages and its relationship with psycholinguistics, psychology and pedagogy. Modern tendency of foreign language education of the study process. Psychological features of speech acts of language learning.

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  • The problem of motivation of various activities (including educational) as one of the most developed in modern educational psychology. The range of concepts of the structure of motivation of educational activities. The problem of learning motivation.

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  • Cognition in Motivational and Affective Contexts. Intelligence and Personality: From Psychometrics to Personal Dynamics. Dynamic Integration: Optimization and Differentiation in Development. Intellectual Functioning and Development in Social Contexts.

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  • The theories, etiology, measurement, diagnosis, and treatment of psychopathology from the perspective of behavioral genetics, a field of enquiry broadly concerned with the inheritance of behavioral patterns. Schizophrenia and the Psychotic Disorders.

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  • Therapy of dopamine, metabotropic glutamate and schizophrenia. Presymptomatic and symptomatic stages of intracerebral inclusion body pathology in idiopathic parkinson's disease. Glutamatergic neurotransmission in sensitiza and neurodegeneration.

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  • Active methods of socio-psychological learning for development, self-improvement and self-realization of personality. Analysis of the psychological characteristics of people of different age groups, determining the scope of their leisure preferences.

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  • The system-evolutionary theory in systemic psychophysiology. The concept of a “subject of behavior”. Multidisciplinary studies on the mechanisms of formation and actualization of experience in human and other animals. Individual and collective behavior.

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  • The lack of generalization as one of the most remarkable problems with the exposure therapy, especially with videotapes and images. Specific phobias - psychological problems that have a relatively significant negative impact on the quality of life.

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