Learning and memory

An overview of the full range of current knowledge about learning and memory. Capture advances in the ever-changing fields of memory, neuroscience, and cognition. Autobiographical memory, collective memory, dejavu, schizophrenia and memory and more.

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  • The emancipatory stance toward knowledge-building which emerge from the convergence of Foucault’s theories and feminist theories concerning the discipline of psychiatry. Example of feminist conceptualizations of women’s experiences of eating disorders.

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  • Analyze modern psychological science. Experiment and observation in psychology. Description neuroscience and behaviour. Parent and child relationship. Analyze of human motives. Basic types of temperament. Classification of character accentuations.

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  • Anatomic brain imaging studies of normal and abnormal brain development in children. Typical and atypical human functional brain development. The study of psychopathology in adolescence: integrating affective neuroscience with the study of context.

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  • The study of the features of conditional promises and threats as speech acts that can be used to manipulate the behavior of others. Analysis of linguistic experiment, ragmatic, emotional and deontic understanding of the effects of conditional incentives.

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  • Tolerance as a separate ontophenomenological given, and as a form of human life, and as a special psychospiritual state-property of human, and as ideological universal, a powerful theoretical construct of modern philosophical and scientific discourse.

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  • Specific of understanding. The context of philosophical problem of correlation of real and ideal. Attitude toward understanding is the result of cognition change in the process of the development of philosophical ideas. The levels of understanding.

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  • Phenomenological nature of the wholeness of the psyche. The binomial nature of the psyche’s organisation system. Тhe conscious and the unconscious spheres’ inherence principle. The essence of "implicit order" as the category of the psyche's activity.

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  • Determination of essence of culture and cultural shock. Senses of man, changing the place of the stay, possible disorders and fears. Studies of language and traditions, help and support of monogynopaedium and friends, and also exchange by experience.

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  • Adaptability - a balance in the system of interaction between the personality, the environment which allows it to effectively implement life, self-development in changing conditions. Analysis of the model of component-level structure of adaptability.

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  • Pragmatic approach to objects, developed by Moro and Rodriguez in the vein of the concept of Vygotsky on the mediated character of mental functions. Examples of children's gestures for full communication due to the general sense of the use of objects.

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