Competitive advantage

The concept of competitive advantage, major misconceptions about the creation of competitive advantage. The basic nature of competition. The factors that determine the nature and degree of competition in an industry. The main flaws of strategic thinking.

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  • The basic methods of strategic management at pharmaceutical companies within the competition environment. Development of pharmaceutical market in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2012. External environment factors affecting management system. Map of target.

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  • The role, significance of the introduction and subsequent certification of management systems in the activities of a modern enterprise. Approaches to control the business results of the organization, the degree of customer satisfaction and their needs.

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  • Considers and examination of the issues of building the enterprise competitive development strategy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Research and characterization of the main problems of enterprise financial stability management and risk reduction.

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  • The deployment of potential of an employee competence is the competitive advantage for a hotel. The Hungarian method to assess the personnel competence of an operating hotel. The utility of method in solving problem of evaluating the personnel competence.

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  • The concept, nature and importance of humor in the workplace. The use of humour by managers as a device to exchange information. The place and role of laughter in a possible increase of competitive advantages of the organization, unification team.

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  • Theoretical aspects of competitive strategies on diferent stages of the value chain. Research methodology and cases description. Practical implementation of movie and video game industries’ competitive strategies on different stages of the value chain.

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  • The concept of strategic management as an objective reality, post-industrial economy. The study of types and models of strategic management in Ukraine and abroad. The flaws in the traditional strategic management system in a stable market environment.

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  • The nature and value of strategy that was investigated on the basis of different approaches in the modern management of business entities. The value of strategic planning as a tool for management. Analyzing of the basic steps of strategic management.

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  • A conceptual approach to the motivational bases and forms of mergers and acquisitions. The causes of mergers and their main advantage. The processes of acquisitions and their types. The possible strategies for action in the process of acquisitions.

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  • The crisis, except the sad moments, opens sluices for management system reorganization, for its development. Internal engineering of business processes, strategy and competitive struggle. Some theses, assumptions and hypotheses, assortment audition.

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