Using the multi-channel retailing by online shop - determinants of the development and barriers of the implementation

Increase the purchase amount that, on average, per user - one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of e-Commerce market. Analysis of the comparative advantages, challenges of launching a multi channel retailing system through online stores.

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  • E-commerce and its difference from traditional commerce. Impulse buying and its characteristics. Identification of whether there is a connection between gender, income, education and employment of an online customer and online impulse buying behavior.

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  • Software development for an online store. Representing the company in the Internet, expanding the potential customer base, supporting the recognition of the brand, increase awareness, public awareness. Organization of commercial activities of the store.

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  • Marketing channels and omni-channel marketing analytics. Segmentation of users based on contest status. Development of recommendations for marketing strategy in E-mail channel for real company based on CRM data analysis. Identification of the problem.

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  • The article presents basic information and aspects regarding online advertisement and its most popular forms in Poland. The problems of modern Internet advertisement development. The historical trends in the development of online advertising in Poland.

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  • Customer is the main hero of online trade game, so there are online marketing communications to be involved to use the conception of social-ethic marketing. Personification influences on the instruments and online marketing communications approaches.

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  • The algorithm of development of multilevel marketing strategy for automobile companies to ensure the competitiveness of their products. An analysis of the previous studies labor market. Potential obstacles to implementation of the developed strategy.

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  • The strategy which will enable the company to get new customers as a result of smart and efficient online marketing. Implementing Search Engine Optimization to attract new prospects. Using social media channel as a main way to contact with end-users.

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  • The factors of development of the market of intermediary services are investigated. Its main levels of functioning as a marketing system are defined. Analysis scheme of factor influence upon the development of intermediary services market is given.

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  • The basic approaches of distribution channels formation of enterprise. Stages of sale channel strategy development. The processes of development, maintaining and usage of customers databases are considered in order to establish contacts with them.

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  • Hidden marketing as a special kind of online advertising in which the message is spread through the exchange of views on the product between users. Promoting products and services in the international market. Features of a search engine targeting.

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