Ubiquitous computing and augmented realities

Ubiquitous computing - filling the real world with computers. Challenging HCI Assumptions. Implications for device size as well as relationship to people. Defining the Interaction Experience. Multi-scale and distributed output. Merging Digital Worlds.

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  • This history on key moments of evolution electronic digital computer: the transformation of the computer from a specialized scientific instrument to a commercial product; the beginning of personal computing and the spread of networking after 1980s.

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  • Способ получения конкурентных преимуществ за счет увеличения скорости обработки больших объемов данных при помощи технологии in-memory computing. Роль инновационной технологии в создании конкурентного преимущества для фирмы в борьбе с оппонентами.

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  • Factoring and discrete logarithm. One-way trapdoor permutations are sufficient for non-trivial single-server private information retrieval. Authenticate key exchange secure against dictionary attacks. Computing inverses over a shared secret modulus.

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  • The concept of cloud computing. Types of clouds. Advantages and disadvantages of using the network technology. Examining the main parts of the computing system. Studying the protection problems of information security in corporate and public systems.

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  • Theoretical foundations of the relativistic paradigm in physics and interactive technologies. An example of a community of interactive computing. Programming tool and tools for computer create physical and electronic worlds in everyday activities.

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  • Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography provide insight into neuronal processes in the brain in a real-time scale. This renders these modalities particularly interesting for online analysis methods to visualize brain activity in real-time.

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  • Назначение НРС-систем (High Performance Computing). Возможность полного упразднения межпроцессорного обмена в сетях между узлами, имеющими непосредственную связь. Оптимизация использования сетевых технологий обмена. Маршруты передачи информации.

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  • The analysis of the existing training methods of multilayer neural network of computing structures is carried out. Recommendations of selected methods usage by examples of multilayer approximation tasks for technology of beneficiation were given.

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  • Digital signatures: background and definitions. Cryptographic hardness assumptions and constructions based on general assumptions, signature schemes based on the (strong) RSA assumption. The random oracle model and full-domain hash (related) schemes.

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  • Theoretical information on personal computers, the structure of Windows XP as the operating system. Examples of projects in C ++ Builder to calculate complex mathematical formulas and solving problems with the branch. Programming in C ++ Builder.

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