Handbook of Metamemory and Memory

T. Nelson: life and comments on implications of his functional view of metacognitive memory monitoring. Primers on metamemory and memory. Current directions in memory monitoring and control. Contemporary issues involving the metamemory-memory framework.

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  • Review of the problem of sociocultural conditioning of the practice of providing psychological assistance. An empirical study of the features of the representation of this phenomenon in the professional consciousness of practicing psychologists.

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  • Antisocial and criminal use of the creative abilities, the psychological aspects of applying nonstandard ways of doing terrorism acts, the opportunities of the creative approaches and tactics. Directions to study negative social displays of creativity.

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  • The possession concept interpretations in the context of the most authoritative world religions, interrelation of a religious explanation and scientific grounds of the possession phenomenon. Concept of possession from the point of view of psychiatry.

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  • Definition of motivation. Behavioral, cognitive and the humanistic view of motivation. The impact of cooperative learning on motivation. Suggestions for teaching in your classroom: motivating students to learn. Resources for further investigation.

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  • The study of the general theory of psychological systems in the framework of the formation of the post-non-classical paradigm in psychology as an attempt to develop synergy in the subject area of psychology. The main problems of human interaction.

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  • The peculiarity of psychological problems of primary and secondary victims of the act of terrorism in Beslan. national, religious, family, and pedagogical relations with social institutes sudden fall into disfavour in the pronounced national colour.

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  • An analysis of the principles of the construction and functioning of an integrated socio-psychological program supporting the subjective well-being of an individual in marriage. Methods of psychological help: role play, psycho-technical exercises.

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  • Comparing of the phenomenological content of the concepts "spirituality" and "religiousness". Description of the person's spiritual experience by means of a phenomenological method. Procedural laws of the transformation of spirituality into religiousness.

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  • The consideration of different problems of the interaction of a doctor and a patient within the framework of medical practice since the time of becoming of medicine as a science up to the present stage of development of the patient-centered approach.

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  • The analysis of the choice ideas in foreign and native psychology, distinguishing of the choice characteristics from a position of various psychological approaches and directions. Ordering of the choice characteristics according to a number of criteria.

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