Types of shortenings and their function in modern english

The theoretical and practical value of english lexicology. The connection of lexicology with phonetics, stylistics, grammar. Substantivization of adjectives, criteria of semantic derivation. Syntactical classification of phraseological units, antonyms.

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  • The definition of the English units of phraseology. Differences of phraseological units from free-word-groups semantically and constructively. Their structural classification. Idiomatic devices covered in grammar as a special syntax combination.

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  • Description the persuasive power of phraseological units in cosmetics leaflets written either in English, French. Considerable impact on a translator’s stylistic choices. Phraseological units and metaphor. The main provisions of rhetoric and stylistics.

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  • Phraseological units and types of phraseology. Problems phraseology: the differences in terminology, the difference of phraseology of free groups. Basic approaches to the classification and study of phraseological units: functional, contextual, semantic.

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  • The function of lexicology in connection with other subjects of linguistics. Its basic units in the science of language. The most important characteristics of the word. His purposes in human communication. The methods used in lexicological research.

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  • Phonetics as a branch of linguistics. Aspects of the sound matter of language. National and regional pronunciation variants in English. The system of vowel phonemes in English. Alternations of speech sounds in English. Methods of phonetic analysis.

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  • Study of the article lexicology as industries of linguistics, its connection with the sections of linguistics. Description of word as an element of language. Correlation of phonetic and semantic types of motive in lexical units of English and Ukrainian.

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  • The study of linguistic and didactic semantization, idioms and other phraseological units, which reveal their own vertical context. Acquaintance with some old english customs. Characterization of the role of the etymology of phraseological units.

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  • Characterization of the basic specific structural and semantic features of phraseological units with color semantics. Investigation of the main lingual-national significance of the formation and functioning of the colonomisms of the English language.

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  • General characteristics of phraseological units. Definition of the idiomatic and stable expressions denoting feelings, moods and states of a person, approaches to its classification. Contrastive analysis of phraseological units in English and Ukrainian.

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  • The Object of Lexicology. The structure of the word. The main problems of lexicology. Vocabulary as a system. Archaic and obsolete words. Professional terminology. The historical circumstances which stimulate the borrowing process. Etymological doublets.

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