Types of shortenings and their function in modern english

The theoretical and practical value of english lexicology. The connection of lexicology with phonetics, stylistics, grammar. Substantivization of adjectives, criteria of semantic derivation. Syntactical classification of phraseological units, antonyms.

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  • Types of semantic relations of words. Semantic classification of words. Classification of synonyms. Lexical and terminological sets, lexico-semantic groups and semantic fields. Classification of antonyms. Criteria of synonymy. The dominant synonym.

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  • Phonemes, allophones, phones: difference and relationships. Articulatory and phonological views on the classification of English consonants. Modifications of vowels in connected speech. Basic rules of accentuation. Classification of phonetic styles.

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  • The study of criteria for the classification of phraseological units. Analysis phrasemes and idioms depending on the typology of fixed context. Etymologically, the rationale for classification by origin phrases that have a specific lexical meaning.

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  • Adaptation of lexical units on the examples of adjectives in the process of language communication. Cultural and linguistic pictures of the world. The necessity to study the culture of nation through the English. Semantic peculiarities of language.

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  • Features of the review of English phraseological units that characterize the person. Classification of idioms taking into account their structural and semantic aspects from various lexicographic sources. Analysis of examples of idioms translation.

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  • Consideration of the peculiarities of abbreviations and shortenings, to analyze the dynamics of the experimental work. Analyzes of profoundly abbreviations and shortenings in the English language and receive full equivalence during this process.

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  • Etymology how branch of lexicology, which deals with the different processes of assimilation or adaptation of the English words. Borrowings can be classified according to different criteria. A direct contact from other languages cultural people.

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  • An analyze of special features of types of abbreviations in the English language, the structural-semantic classification of English abbreviations and their place in the word-formation system. The four basic types of abbreviations in English language.

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  • Similarities of adjectives in Old English and Proto-Indo-European. The Old English affixation for adjectives. The essence of "suppletive" in linguistics. Essential materials about the Old English affixation for adjectives. Strong and weak adjectives.

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  • Phraseological units, set phrase and types of stability. Classification of phraseologisms by Vinogradov. Method of application. Semantic stability as the stability of meaning. Main features of the phraseological fusions, unities and combinations.

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