Bergson's Doctrine of Intuition

An interpretation od Bergson's doctrine, which resolves the contradiction and can briefly put in such ways: intuition is intellectual process, which puts us in direct touch with reality and on the other hand, gives us knowledge through concepts.

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  • The influence of knowledge on the formation of new anthropological images of man from the point of view of scientific achievements. The digital revolution as the expansion of information and digital reality, the transformation of the value system.

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  • Synthesizing concepts "naivety" and "philosophizing". Intellectual game as the form of communication. Myth - the principal means of perception of the world and world-view. Communication as a necessary condition of realization of naive philosophizing.

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  • The Philosophical Turning from the Original Infinitude to the Constituent Finitude Has the Problem of World. A rediscovery of the Heraditean Original Intuition of the World. Deleuze’s Heraclito-Spinozean Reconstruction of the Ontology of Univocity.

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  • Historical and philosophical analysis of the changing structures of conceptual representation. The study of theoretical models of scientific knowledge, which are based on Marx's interpretation of effects. Linear causal relationships of the system.

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  • Study the generally acknowledged definition of hermeneutics. Dynamics of development of the philosophical concept. The justification of the indissoluble unity of language semiotic and hermeneutic studies in the context of the process of interpretation.

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  • "Ex-centering" of reality. The distinction and incompatibility between the thought and the real. Conjunction of idea and reality, in the shadow of the enlightenment and of modernity. The idea of simulacrum as a conceptual weapon against reality.

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  • In this essay, defend a pluralism concerning the concept of knowledge and show that the seven types of knowledge, that we distinguish, can be unified by criteria which characterize the types of knowledge as being critical. The general critical question.

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  • The image of science as a project focused on substantiating the support of fundamental science. Changes in natural sciences in the process of creating "reliable knowledge" at the request of the funder. Forgetting the original epistemic goals of science.

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  • In the paper the relevance criterion for argument evaluation within informal logic. Dialectical relevance should be interpreted as a dialectical rather than a logical concept, which is the result of dialogical interpretation of argumentation process.

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  • Disclosure of the philosophical aspects of the formation of a unified system of knowledge in the context of globalization. Challenges, contradictions of modern education. Flexible synthesis of traditional and innovative in the educational process.

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