Bergson's Doctrine of Intuition

An interpretation od Bergson's doctrine, which resolves the contradiction and can briefly put in such ways: intuition is intellectual process, which puts us in direct touch with reality and on the other hand, gives us knowledge through concepts.

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  • Reconstruction of the dialogues of philosophers G. Simmel and A. Bergson. Understanding the design of the future and its modern interpretation. Difficulties in linguistic stabilization and documentation of the future and temporal nature of the project.

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  • The individual self and freedom. Identity of nature. Bergson's point of view so eloquently set forth is not a system but a philosophical vision. Mechanism regards "the future and the past as calculable function of the present", and claims that is given.

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  • The author's response to criticism of opponents (D. Dennett, J. Nobe, A.V. Kuznetsov and D. Stolzhar). Searching for truth about intuition. The reliability of the intuition-based method. The difference between "intuitive" and "reflexive" judgments.

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  • Against dialectics. An asymmetrical universe. Authentic and inauthentic difference. Interpretation of Bergson of power of transformation of vitalistically, as the primary power of differentiation. Nietzsche as the interpreter of authentic difference.

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  • A special relationship between the touch sense and belief about reality. Pivotal aspects of the history of Western ideas about the sense of movement in relation to claims about knowledge of reality. The sense of movement to judgment about "reality".

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  • The study the connection of romanticism with the anthropological doctrine that goes back to hegelianism and kantianism, and with the concepts of the future, structuralism and postmodernism. Man’s relationship with the world, God, nature and society.

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  • The paper aims at substantiating the meaningful relationship between Descartes’ and Pascal’s positions as two variants in responding to the demand of the era in the development of anthropology. The existence of the doctrine of human nature by Descartes.

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  • A renewal of concern with some of the philosophical questions revolving about Leibnitz`s doctrine of the identity of indiscernibles. A version of the principle of the identity of indiscernibles which is perhaps its most plausible interpretation.

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  • Biography of Plato, trained at the Academy in Athens. Plato's philosophical views; doctrine of ideas, of two worlds: ideas and forms. In the "State" Plato also gives us the basis of the doctrine of the human soul, of beauty, of love, of knowledge.

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  • Variability - an insufficient condition for determining the unreliability of any disputant's intuition in relation to the philosophical theory being tested. Specific features of using one’s own intuitions in cases of unconfirmed epistemic peerhood.

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