A youth assessment of social institutions of Ukraine in European contexts

Comparative analysis of the satisfaction of Ukrainian and European youth with the institutions of power and the key processes taking place in socio-political contexts. Assessing the state of education. Dissatisfaction with social institutions in Ukraine.

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  • Impact of corruption on growth and development of the nation in the social, economic and political aspects. Forms of corruption. Corruption in the Ukrainian context. The necessity of getting rid of corruption for the normal functioning of society.

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  • Analyzing the concept of "civilization" and "values" from the point of view of different sciences. On the basis of research of scientists, determination of the priorities of the value sphere of youth in the contradictory conditions of modern civilization.

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  • A social analysis of post-nonclassical rationality. The author's vision of the discourse of social rationality as the synthesis of different discourse positions. The main discourse-position: social action, the rejection of grandarrell, value priorities.

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  • Two basic principles of organization of social space. Main oppositions in the realm of food. Place of the income in determining distance. The art of eating, drinking. The body as a social product, which is the only tangible manifestation of the "person".

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  • The essence of the processes of identification, identity, and their connecting link – identity. The contents of inter subjective environment as a special type of social reality, its contradictory character. Vectors of the identity of the social subject.

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  • Analysis of general theoretic approaches towards competent and motivated behavior definitions, the model of police officer social competence was proposed along with the ways of its study. The social environment of departmental educational institution.

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  • A model of social development in "The Division of Labour in Society". The link between posture and illness. Experience of the pain in childbirth. Power and the social. A radical challenge to much of the traditional sociology of health and illness.

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  • Feature of Facebook and Twitter influence on the shopping habits of students by testing the correlation between the recommendations on social media and consumption patterns. Analysis of the use of networks for information about sales and promotions.

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  • Determination of the causes of high mortality in Ukraine. The impact of the economic and geopolitical situation on public health. Risk factors that affect the deterioration of human health. Political changes are a recipe for restoring health in Ukraine.

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  • Characteristics of the Chinese Internet infrastructure and cyberspace-regulating laws. Structural analysis like focused on the interpretation of the indicators of social structure expressed through the details of the depicted objects in the image.

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