Homeostasis, mechanisms regulating of vital functions. Structure and function of biogeocenoses

The properties in Homeostatic systems. System instability, Striving for balance, Unpredictability. Examples of homeostasis in mammals. Regulation of homeostasis. The blood plasma. The main function of platelets. The main function of erythrocytes.

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  • The influence of crown-ethers on phospholipid composition of erythrocytes and hepatocytes membrane, on the receptors and cyclic nucleotides system of white rats. Increase of phospholipid lysoforms is as a consequence of free radical process activation.

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  • Security features combined bacterial preparation on the basis of probiotic strains of bacteria of the two genera grown combines deep cultivation. Hematological indications blood of experimental animals, the presence of indicators of biological activity.

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  • Mechanisms for the identification of yeast cultures by polymerase chain reaction. Morphological and biochemical properties of the culture. The specificity of fermentation a carbohydrates and hydrogen sulfide formation from different grape varieties.

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  • Plants are a source of biologically active substances. Using modern genetic engineering techniques in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Examples of advanced systems used to obtain some valuable natural products - artemisinin, paclitaxel and scopolamine.

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  • Description genes interact with each other and with their environment. Using of the term epigenetic regulation. Epigenetic information is based on overwhelming activity of enzymes that are specific epigenetic postponed label on macromolecular complexes.

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  • Distribution of rhabdoviruses, their harmfulness to different types of plants in conditions of environmental factors. Comparative characteristics of rhabdoviruses with similar pathogens on the pileate fungi. The morphology and structure of the pathogens.

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  • Outline of Nervous Systems. Organisation of Synapses, Neurons in the Brain. The Conformation of Informational Macromolecules. Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary structure. Molecular Chaperones. Nucleic Acids. Antisense and triplex oligonucleotides.

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  • Determining the degree of destructive changes in skeletal muscles in dependence on the term of hypokinesiа limitation. The role of kinesitherapy in the repair processes and renewal of structurally-functional properties of muscles after hypokinesiа.

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  • Consideration of the composition of water, the isotopic structure of water in the process of the origin of life. Substantiation of the dependence of the maintenance of life on the physicochemical properties of water, its temperature, the hydrogen index.

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  • The activities of the founder of scientific anatomy Andreas Visalia. The scientific description of all organs, systems in the book of the scientist "On the structure of the human body". Illustrations parts of the human body as an achievement of science.

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