Homeostasis, mechanisms regulating of vital functions. Structure and function of biogeocenoses

The properties in Homeostatic systems. System instability, Striving for balance, Unpredictability. Examples of homeostasis in mammals. Regulation of homeostasis. The blood plasma. The main function of platelets. The main function of erythrocytes.

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  • The description of the Armenian population based on the genetic studies. Mitochondrial DNA as a versatile tool for ethnogenomic studies. Materials and methods collection and genotyping procedures. MtDNA gene pool structure of general Armenian population.

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  • Analysis of the variation at the major storage protein loci of homoeologous group 1 chromosomes in winter common wheat cultivars developed in the main breeding center of the Central Steppe of Ukraine. Cultivars developed with the Institute of Genetics.

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  • Healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle. The use of diet for cleaning the body and weight loss. Fundamentals of nutrition: moderation, balance, variety, and vitamins. Components of a healthy lifestyle: sports, no bad habits, sleep, rest, walking.

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  • Relevance of the innovation and investment activities of the state in the segment of the food supply as the possibility of preserving the biological life of the Ukrainian nation. Innovative-investment concept of conservation of vital national resources.

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  • DNA sequence data is the most abundant material with which to begin a project in computational biology. Raw sequences from genomes have to be analyzed and annotated, in ways that improve continuously as the databases expand and sharper methods are used.

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  • Since the advent of recombinant DNA technology three decades ago, thousands of eukaryotic genes have been isolated. The differential expression of these genes is critical for both normal cellular processes and abnormal processes associated with disease.

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  • The allometric models of microbial community respiration and production provide a complementary method for understanding the metabolic balance of the upper ocean. Latitudinal Variation in Plankton Size Spectra along in large areas the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Brief introduction to the basics of learning memory at the psychological level and current understanding of memory at the molecular and cellular level. Particular emphasis will be on the hippocampus and its role in declarative and spatial learning.

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  • Functions of the endoplasmic reticulum, consists of an extensive network of tubes and pockets, surrounded by membrane. Spherical or slightly ellipsoidal shape of ribosomes, their location in eukaryotic cells on the membranes of the endoplasmic reticulum.

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  • Discussed in the scientific literature possible mechanisms for the formation of the "image" on the linen fabric of the Shroud of Turin. It was shown how this “image” on the fabric was formed in a natural way and how much energy it took, oil marks.

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