Bearing capacity of strengthened reinforced concrete beams

Investigation of the basic methods of calculating bearing capacity of reinforced concrete strengthened in different ways. The establishment features reception calculation data on the bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete beams designed building.

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  • Analysis of the location of the educational complex "Kindergarten - Elementary School" in the structure of residential buildings. Determination of the calculation methodology and the basic nomenclature of new types of teaching and educational complexes.

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  • Ways of using local raw clay for the manufacture of building materials of sufficiently high quality and in the development of technologies applied to the multicolored polymer of decorative and protective coatings for the purpose of facing the monuments.

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  • Getting to know the peculiarities of the country style, analysis of the stages of appearance and development. General characteristics of the materials used to create a country style in the interior of the home: wooden beams, natural stone, brick.

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  • Different ways of building walls of buildings. Use the light hollow wall element, sectional view. Construction of multystoried buildings with monolithic ferroconcrete overlappings. Research of parts of walls, which requires relatively low labor input.

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  • Location of a private house in the suburbs, on the outskirts of a town or city or in villages. Flats is a large building. Features townhouse situated in the city center back to back. Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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  • Analysis of the causes of the collapse of the Sampoong Department store building, which claimed more than 500 lives. Description of the violations committed during its construction and operation. The characteristic features of destruction structure.

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  • History of creation a house-lock. Burst out laughing at the centre of Moscow. Analysis of architectural styles and interiors. Building evaluation by his contemporaries. The use of the Morozov’s mansion as the Reception House of the Russian Government.

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  • Архитектурные особенности нового здания культурного центра в городе Чанчжоу. Использование мозаичных плит из стекла для облицовки при проектировании здания The Lotus Building. Уникальная люстра внутри здания, ее проектирование. Подсветка здания ночью.

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  • Floor of a building or roof as top design of the building. Flat roofs. Forms of attic roofs. Characteristics of a number of roofing materials used in construction. Types of roof bases, absorbing thermal and mechanical deformation of the base of the roof.

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  • The tallest building in the world, built in Dubai. Grand construction on the orders of the Emir of Dubai Mohammed Ibn Rashid. Introduction of innovative technologies. Burj Khalifa as the epitome of the concept of the future "a city within a city".

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