Bearing capacity of strengthened reinforced concrete beams

Investigation of the basic methods of calculating bearing capacity of reinforced concrete strengthened in different ways. The establishment features reception calculation data on the bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete beams designed building.

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  • The features and problems of the construction industry. Its strengths and weakness. Importance of the branch development. Justification of the establishment of an agency to be charged with the sustainable management in the key sector of Iraq's economy.

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  • Studying of technology of 3D-printing of separate designs, buildings and constructions as a whole. Analysis of existing methods of creating physical objects by 3D printing and improvement of technology and equipment for printing buildings and structures.

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  • The art, design and architecture in 20th century London. The downside of continuous and almost unregulated growth. London's physical look and the new futuristic buildings London's. The extent and seriousness of air and water pollution in London.

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  • This paper analyzes materials, which extend abilities of architects, engineers, designers all over the world and make building cheaper and simpler, or more complicated, but more enjoyable, adding to modern architectural sphere something fresh.

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  • Modernization of existing buildings as one of the approaches to ensure stability in the built environment at relatively low cost and high absorption rates. Analysis of existing buildings in the cold rural area, methods of passive low-carbon modernization.

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  • The rationale for extensive use of a special intake valves, providing a regulated flow of fresh air into living rooms and preventing Saudi rollover thrust in the exhaust channels. The studying of ventilation systems and indoor climate in the buildings.

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  • Modern buildings require building heating device with the latest radiators and wiring. Administrative and commercial buildings of the 20th century stood out the low number of storeys and classical heating scheme apartment houses of old construction.

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  • Changes in the microclimate of houses as the buildings wear out in winter. Analysis of housing stock, prospects for improving people's quality of life. An integrated building monitoring system based on structural and aerial studies of the environment.

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  • Descriptions of the discovery of new materials, the advanced design techniques and improved construction methods have altered the traditional house plans. Analyze the special features of types of houses: Classic Cottage, Cape Cod, Colonial and Bungalow.

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  • France - one of the most popular tourist countries. Modern building of the Grand Theater in Albi. Train Station Saint-Exupery Airport Lyon. Skyscraper Tour Carpe Diem in Paris. "Manny Building" business center in Nantes. The glass pyramid of the Louvre.

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