Multinational corporations: ExxonMobil

A multinational corporation as an enterprise that engages in foreign direct investment and owns or controls value adding activities in more than one country. ExxonMobil as successfully ranked the world's largest refiner and marketer of petroleum.

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  • Benefits of Turkey's inclusion in the EU line for Union foreign policy and security in light of Russia's influence. Risks due to the significant role of security in the military, energy and migration sectors. Geopolitical significance of the country.

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  • General characteristics of globalization in the world. Consideration of the problems of economic inequality, demonstrations with the use of physical force. Search of ways to address the issue of poverty. International economic activities of McDonald's.

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  • How will Britain remain prosperous and influential in the XXI-st century? The high-value-added activities in which Britain is a world-better. How much do these activities matter to the UK? The London economy. The UK approach to financial regulation.

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  • The research is the possibilities of conflict resolution between the countries through diplomacy. The consideration of the Ghana’s experience in peacemaking activities, as well as the importance and the problem of peacemaking in its foreign policy.

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  • Multiplicity of the world market prices. Factors affecting world prices. The types of prices in international trade: the calculated and published. Formation of world prices for primary commodities and manufactured goods. Transfer pricing in world markets.

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  • The article discusses integrating institutional and technological innovations into manufacturing process poses a challenge to Украине considering apparent flaws of its industrial enterprises’ ineffective as well as out-of-date investment strategies.

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  • This thesis aims to uncover the moral drivers of the foreign policy of Japan. The study uses the theoretical framework of the Great Conversation between pluralist and solidarist camps. The role of primary institutions in the foreign policy of Japan.

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  • Historical background of relations between the US and Iran. Relevant factors for the US intervention. US Foreign policy goals and interests: continuity despite the changes. US Strategy towards Iran. Russian Foreign Policy and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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  • Consideration of directions of development of the Polish food sector in the European Union (EU). The role of preferential investment loans and EU assistance funds in increasing investment in agriculture and accelerating the modernization of farms.

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  • Ways of the development of Nigerian agriculture as of a major branch of the economy. The country is the producer of cassava roots and yam tubers.. Growth Enhancement Support Scheme is a policy and shift within the Fertilizer Market Stabilization Program.

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