Multinational corporations: ExxonMobil

A multinational corporation as an enterprise that engages in foreign direct investment and owns or controls value adding activities in more than one country. ExxonMobil as successfully ranked the world's largest refiner and marketer of petroleum.

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  • Study of theoretical and practical questions of the impact of economic phenomena of transnational corporations on the world economy in the emerging global market. Analysis of the actions of transnational corporations, the results of their activities.

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  • Adaptation of countries to the conditions of world markets in the context of globalization. Formation of national development strategies of the country. Drawing up an annual joint report of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation.

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  • Analysis of the economic nature of the investment, approaches to the study of this concept. Improvement of the classification of investments due to the expansion of the classification criteria. Practical aspects of international investment activities.

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  • The sustainability of external deficits. Foreign direct investment in China. Main characteristics of U.S. external deficits. The balance of payments and the dollar. Official Reserve Transactions. International Investment Position of the United States.

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  • Voluntary programmes for the regulation of corporate behavior. New OECD Guidelines for Multinational Corporations and the UN Global Compact. Disadvantages, which affect the outcome of the OECD Guidelines. A global partnership with private sector.

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  • A sample of 10 countries representing all four levels of human development. A method to assess influence of employment to population ratio, foreign direct investment, total dependency ratio, and total reserves on GNI in Belarus, Iran and Tanzania.

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  • Historic Progress in China's Foreign Trade. The Development of China's Foreign Trade Contributes to the World Economy. Constructing All-round Economic and Trade Partnerships with Beneficial Cooperation. Realizing Sustainable Development of Foreign Trade.

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  • Analysis of production of agroindustrial complex of Ukraine and its export-import relations. Evaluation of foreign trade turnover. The reform of the agricultural market. Improving the competitiveness of agricultural products on the foreign market.

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  • Consideration of the essence an international exchange rate is the price of one currency measured in terms of another (domestic) currency. Familiarization with the participants of the foreign exchange markets and factors affecting foreign exchange rates.

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  • The history of trade relations between China and Europe, the latest developments of the process and evaluation of the future prospects. An analysis of the investment climate in the country, its improvement. A global surplus of China's trade surplus.

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