On nilpotent evolution algebras

Characteristic of a Krull–Schmidt Theorem for nonassociative algebras. Definition of the upper annihilating series. Study of some families of nilpotent evolution algebras. Classification of four- and five-dimensional nilpotent evolution algebras.

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  • Study recurrent factions fourth order. Contacting algebra fourth order. Building a sustainable rate calculation algorithms recurrent factions. Definition of communication between periodic recurrent about fractions and real positive roots of equations.

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  • Consideration the results of simulation definition spectral analysis of signals, which consist of harmonic signals with noninteger periods. Studied the change of spectral components by changing width of Fourier transformation by discarding samples.

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  • Rules for binary addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Time complexity of extended Euclidean algorithm. Existence of multiplicative inverse. Cancellation law of congruence. Introduction to finite field theory. Corollary of Euler’s theorem.

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  • Fundamentals of Probability and Judgement. Random variables and probability distributions. Bayes’ Theorem and Elicitation. Aleatory, epistemic uncertainty. Roles within the elicitation process. The naive intuitive statistician metaphor. "The middle way".

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  • Putnam argues that, by reinterpretation, the Axiom of Constructibility can be saved from empirical refutation. This paper contends that this argument fails, which leaves Putnam’s sweeping appeal to the Lowenheim - Skolem Theorem inadequately motivated.

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  • Description of combinatorial DG-Hopf color cooperadic models for configuration spaces of points in the first quarter and in the N-gon. The proof version of the formality theorem of Kontsevich to the two subspaces in the vector space and for the morphism.

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  • Further examples of population dynamics. Representation of real numbers in an arbitrary base. A geometrical model for continued fractions. The idea of computational complexity. Elementary applications of congruence. The fundamental theorem of arithmetic.

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  • Моделирование на основе временных рядов. Формальные критерии аппроксимации и статистические гипотезы. Изучение моделей с переменной структурой. Проверка на значимость коэффициентов регрессии. Руководство по использованию программы Time Series Processing.

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  • Prime and composite numbers. The fundamental theorem of arithmetic states. Sample factorizations. Review of elementary number theory. Some essential algorithms. RSA public-key cryptosystem. Finding squares through products. Large prime variations.

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  • Examination of unlimited closed convex subsets of Banach space X, having the same recessive cone, and metric spaces, which they form with the Hausdorff metric. Receiving an analog of the theorem of approximation of convex compacts by normal polyhedrons.

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