On nilpotent evolution algebras

Characteristic of a Krull–Schmidt Theorem for nonassociative algebras. Definition of the upper annihilating series. Study of some families of nilpotent evolution algebras. Classification of four- and five-dimensional nilpotent evolution algebras.

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  • The discussion about boolean algebras and their application to switching circuits. The rotation groups of the regular solids are investigated. New material on order of an element and cyclic groups, more details about the lattice of divisors of an integer.

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  • The emergence of noncommutative geometry, its relationship with the corresponding selected algebra function. The establishment of the anti-equivalence between the category of spaces and the corresponding category of algebras of functions on such spaces.

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  • Definition of artinian-by-(finite rank). Characteristic of features of artinian-by-(finite rank). Study of the structure of generalized soluble groups and nilpotent-by-finite modules. Analysis of the structure of artinian-by-(finite rank) modules.

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  • Search of the Dirichlet series with zero abscissa of absolute convergence. Study of asymptotic equality features. The convergence at different points. The role of the Dirichlet series in number theory. The behavior of the three-dimensional function.

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  • Normed linear spaces. Contraction mapping theorem. Applications to differential and integral equations. Linear transformations. Product spaces and Fubini's theorem. Projection and self-adjoint operators. Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization. Fourier analysis.

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  • Dynamic Modeling with Difference Equations. Linear Models of Structured Populations. Nonlinear Models of Interactions. Modeling Molecular Evolution. Constructing Phylogenetic Trees. Infectious Disease Modeling. Curve Fitting and Biological Modeling.

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  • Criterion of boundedness of L-index in direction for functions f(z; m). Analogue of Hayman’s theorem for entire functions of bounded l-index. The study of boundedness of L-index in direction for some infinite products. Possible ways of construct.

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  • The paper attempts to state and prove a completeness theorem for the system S5 of supplemented by first-order quantifiers and the sign of equality. The basic modal language. A general strategy for proving completeness theorems for quantified modal logics.

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  • Spatial relationships and examples of three-dimensional figures. The calculation of the surface area of three-dimensional figures and volume of cylinders and prisms. The ratio of the volume of the cone and the pyramid to the volume of cylinder and prism.

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  • Characteristics of the main principles of construction of cubic maps and base points. Planarizations, their common properties. The proof of the theorem determine a cubic, quadratic and normal forms of planarizations. Complex and real classification.

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