Handbook of psychology

Current perspectives in educational psychology. Contemporary theories of intelligence. Memory and information processes. Teaching in elementary and secondary education. Gender issues in the classroom. The future perspectives in educational psychology.

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  • The integration of world society that influence the content of educational process. Motive-dynamic assessment of the educational efficiency, catalyzing the search for the new educational models and technologies, oriented to actualization of potential.

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  • Development of intercultural competencies and their contribution to the formation of Kazakhstani citizenship. The persistent desire for lifelong learning as an important concept in the new educational policy of Kazakhstan. Feature of teaching English.

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  • The use of information and telecommunication technologies in the education system of the Russian. The problem of the formation and enhancement of computer competence of teachers. Possibilities of use in the educational process of social networks.

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  • Definition and analysis of information evaluation, the difference between evaluation and testing. Evaluation of materials for educational programs, which includes primarily the experience of teachers, and then students, administrators and managers.

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  • Determining the current state of media education in Ukraine. Analys the current tendencies of media integration into educational process. Pedagogical and practical challenges of video games' application. The gameplay for foreign language education.

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  • Concept and essence of "information and pedagogical environment". Influence of professional education on specifics of formation of welfare type of the student. Reconsideration of information essence of professional education and its categorical device.

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  • Teaching Mathematics and Science. Pressure and Support. The Principal, Test Preparation and Educational Reform. Principal Interviev Guide. Codes for Claaroom Observation Data. Testing affects Teacher and students. State testing and the standards movement.

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  • The English Educational System. Independent or public schools. Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE. Compulsory free secondary education for pupils up to 16 years. The British high school system. School vacations, the role of sport in British schools.

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  • Relationship of concepts of "culture" and "education". Cultural approach as a conceptual basis for modernization of educational content. The identity of education and culture as reflection in the model of humanitarian, cultural and educational system.

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  • Essence and principles of realization of foreign language teaching methods and techniques used, the criteria for educational effectiveness. Principle of communicative orientation. Effective technologies of teaching a foreign language as a second.

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