Wear mechanisms analysis and elaboration of measures on improving the interaction of wheelset with rail track

Consideration and characteristics of the scheme double-point wheel-rail interaction. Familiarization with the erosive wearing. Definition of the dependence of the coefficient of adhesion on the temperature. Analysis of sand system of the locomotive.

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  • The system of rest is energy-saving, with power supply from alternative energy sources intended for complex recovery of an organism in house conditions. Determine the effectiveness of panel modules on the level of stress. Application panel "Ananta 2016".

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  • Methods of the equation of the cutting edge in the absolute coordinate system. A helix - a trace of movement of the cutting tool along the workpiece. Characteristics of the mathematical model of the formation of the microrelief surface when grinding.

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  • Review trapping processes in so-called “free” thick-film structures based on spinel-type Cu0.1Ni0.8Co0.2Mn1.9O4 ceramics. Studies need to add glass in the ceramic material. Positron trapping processes in temperature-sensitive thick-film structures.

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  • Analysis of the aspects of the specifications and drawings of plastics that are specific to this family of materials and processes and that are related to the realities that need to be taken into account. Cavity identification and rough indication.

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  • Discussing an innovative technology for fault detection of the pipelines transportation. Study and characteristic repeated correlation of the above structures with kinematic diagram of failure, which make for adequate predicting the remaining life.

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  • Defining features of the motion of moving the controls in vibroudarnogo qualifier. Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of processing of minerals. Creating an analytic function, which could describe the trajectory of the mass center of the rink.

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  • The main production methods jet fuels rocket engines. Prospects for the use of various raw materials to produce jet fuels in the context of limited energy resources. The impact of processing production and use of aviation fuels on the environment.

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  • Analysis of the selective adsorbent. Influence of modifying pentasyl group synthetic zeolites (Silicalite-1 and Silicalite-2) with metal cations capable to specific interactions on the separation ability of the chromatographic column has been studied.

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  • Nonaxisymmetric boundary value problem of elasticity theory for multiconnected body with cylindrical boundaries. Boundary conditions by the generalized Fourier method. The numerical analysis of stresses in the areas of their greatest concentration.

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  • An analysis of demand in the semiconductor industry, covering all three phases of materials: gases, liquids and solids. The study of the peculiarities of application for solids which includes a semiconductor substrate, metal, dielectric, an organic film.

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