Peculiarities of a marginal personality in the modern world

An analysis of the marginal individual as a social phenomenon that forms the basis for global crises, the consequences of which are unpredictable. The basic mechanisms of the social transit of marginal communities into an integrated socio-cultural space.

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  • Analysis of the structure of the Euromaidan protests of late 2013 - early 2014 in Kiev. Comparison of the Euromaidan phenomenon with other mass protest actions or revolutions in the networked society of the modern world described by sociologist Castells.

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  • Features of the phenomenon of European social integration. General characteristics of the activities of the institutes of the European Union within the framework of social policy. Characteristics of the process of convergence of national legislation.

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  • The designing of gerontological space, creating a predictive model is the challenge of the demographic ageing of gerontosociology. The meaning of a gerontological space as a sociological category, social space type on the base of integrative theories.

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  • Familiarization with the remarks of the social uses of the past. Consideration two special problems, which may be mentioned briefly: those of the past as genealogy and as chronology. Characteristic some features of the societies and communities.

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  • The social innovations as basic instrument of upgrading life of population of regions. The blended value proposition: integrating social and financial returns. Sotsialne pidpryiemnycztvo: osnovni idei. Economic activity of population of Ukraine.

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  • Factors that have led to the contradiction between a legislated principle of gender equality and processes, characterized by the persistence of gender disparities in almost all spheres of social life. Changes in the vision of social potential of women.

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  • Consideration of a special phenomenon of modern social reality based on a specific way of human activity - video games. The city's topos as the dominant urban space, the spatial continuum of urban text. Analysis of the city's topos in video games.

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  • Entity definition of the alcoholism is the cause of marginalization and social exclusion. Consideration and analysis of the need for preventive measures among young people, which in the future will prevent social problems associated with alcoholism.

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  • Social totality and the individual. Power and ideology: the of "media imperialism". Empirical realities. Critical social theory, critical media and social transformation. In assessing the claims which been advanced with respect to television’s power.

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  • A discussion about the book, which theorizes an ongoing transition from a "modern" phenomenon of imperialism, centered around individual nation-states, to an emergent postmodern construct created among ruling powers which the authors call "Empire".

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