Peculiarities of a marginal personality in the modern world

An analysis of the marginal individual as a social phenomenon that forms the basis for global crises, the consequences of which are unpredictable. The basic mechanisms of the social transit of marginal communities into an integrated socio-cultural space.

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  • Symbolic power in social space. Structuralism is social world itself and not only within symbolic systems, objective structures independent of the consciousness. A twofold social genesis the schemes of perception and social structures (social classes).

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  • Two basic principles of organization of social space. Main oppositions in the realm of food. Place of the income in determining distance. The art of eating, drinking. The body as a social product, which is the only tangible manifestation of the "person".

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  • Causes and consequences of reducing the financing of social infrastructure. The introduction of mechanisms to encourage entrepreneurial activity. Construction of a model for the involvement of private sector enterprises in the social services market.

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  • Education as an interaction whose goal is to change people and society. Social work focused on help and support of a man. The essence of education or the learning. Public work as a form of state social assistance. Support for individuals and families.

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  • The definitions of "globalization", "global problems", "threat", "call". Kinds of global problems. Main social problems, the problems of "social-nature" and "social-man". Priority and features of global problems. Alternative solutions to this problems.

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  • The main results of the research of social activity of the youth cohorts. The peculiarities of the youth cohorts social activity in the structure of the modern social and political process. The youth participation regularity in modern social life.

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  • Consideration of the problem of gender in the humanities (sociology, psychology, cultural studies and linguistics). Definitions of gender, its role in the study of social relations, personality psychology, culture. Language characteristics of discourse.

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  • Significance of socio-cultural mapping in modern cultural practices. Definitive place of the investigated phenomenon in domestic cultural practices. The potential of socio-cultural mapping to address a number of topical culturological problems.

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  • Analysis of approaches to understanding the functions of social protection. The relevance of social work at the community level in the context of the realities of the national crisis. Rendering services to participants of military operations in Ukraine.

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  • Research of the problem of transformation of family values. Define the preconditions for the emergence of the phenomenon of familism and its impact on society in Hungary. The main characteristics of neofamilism as a dominant social phenomenon of today.

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