Making investment decisions with the net present value rule

Equivalent annual costs - the cost per period with the same present value as the cost of buying and operating a machine. Project interaction. An optimal timing and fluctuating load factors. The role of investment decisions with the net present value rule.

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  • Company and project costs of capital. Measuring the cost of equity. Setting discount rates w/o beta. Certainty equivalents. Discount rates for international projects. Measuring and estimated betas. Beta stability. Capital structure. International risk.

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  • The studying and analyzing of the current state of the international investment activity, to identify its influence on national economies, to find the main competitive advantages of the world leading companies of the global information technology market.

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  • Financial stability as a basis for the development of sectors and society as a whole. Increased attention to the mechanisms of implementation of financial stability in Ukraine. The degree of development of investment policy and the banking system.

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  • Identify the trends of short-term investment and momentum in the Taiwan stock market. The causes of abnormal profits and their relationship to the behavior of investors in the market. Modeling the turnover of profit and the ratio of transactions.

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  • The study of the phenomenon of momentum at Taiwan market and investigates the relations between momentum strategies and volatility. Display information on share price momentum. Use of price dynamics as an index for building investment portfolios.

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  • Recourse to the private sector capital to complete public investment projects for which there were insufficient funds in the public budget. Numerous benefits private sector (technical expertise, risk transfer, costs reduction and time for implementation).

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  • SWOT-analysis of venture activity investment environment for industrial facilities. Major features of the conceptual model for industrial company which can be used when targeting investors. A scheme of relationships between investor and venture company.

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  • Assessing risks of Zagreb Stock Exchange and future offerings that are relevant in making the decisions about investments. The importance of diversification and systemic risk of individual stocks. Systemic risk of the given portfolio and its importance.

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  • Security tax police employees: concepts and principles. The peculiarities of legal regulation of performance tax police employees at present. Analyze and guarantees legal protection of the tax police. Deficiencies in the legal protection of tax.

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  • Taxation as a component of the system of management. The role of taxation in the system of macroeconomic. Expediency and necessity of transition to managing taxation with the due account of the metrologically estimated inter-industry links are groun.

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