Making investment decisions with the net present value rule

Equivalent annual costs - the cost per period with the same present value as the cost of buying and operating a machine. Project interaction. An optimal timing and fluctuating load factors. The role of investment decisions with the net present value rule.

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  • Introduction to the concept of net present value. The study of the major differences between investment decisions and decisions on funding. The study of the essence of efficient capital markets. The content of the six lessons of market efficiency.

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  • A review of the basics. NPV and its competitors. The book rate of return. Internal rate of return. Capital rationing. CFO decision tools. The payback period of a project. Term structure assumption. Profitability index. Linear programming. Vegetron case.

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  • Previous research on relationship between Chief Executive Officer overconfidence and investments decisions. Recent empirical findings. Variables and Chief Executive Officer overconfidence index construction. Board’s role in investment decision-making.

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  • Endeavors to present how Poland’s entry into the EU - and corresponding foreign capital - influenced the range of investments undertaken by Poland’s regional governments. Describes investment expenditures carried out by the regional government entities.

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  • The calculation of the net present value by discounting the expected future cash flows. Strategic decision-making. The definition of economic rent and competitive advantages on the example of Marvin Enterprises. The formula for calculating rent.

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  • The nature of taxes and the analysis of transaction costs associated with the interaction of business and government in the tax area. The connection between payment of taxes and economic indicators. The developing a congruent and efficient tax system.

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  • The study and evaluation of the expanded net present value (ENPV) depending on available funding sources using techniques of real options, which is a synthesis of game theory and options. Valuation of management decisions, strategy and flexibility.

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  • Reduce total costs of goods and services as one of the essential thing in the implementation of cost-leadership strategy. Characteristics of the general scheme of different indicators evaluation in the process of the financial condition analysis.

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  • The process of investing in energy saving measures of industrial enterprises is analyzed. The main stages of the investment research project implementation have been reasoned. The optimal program for financing energy-saving measures is calculated.

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  • The needs of retail enterprises in investment capital. The scheme for determining the requirements. The calculation of the integral indicator of domestic investment potential of retail enterprise of reproduction type. Actual and projected volumes.

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