Making investment decisions with the net present value rule

Equivalent annual costs - the cost per period with the same present value as the cost of buying and operating a machine. Project interaction. An optimal timing and fluctuating load factors. The role of investment decisions with the net present value rule.

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  • Essence, main points and classification of Capital markets. Difference between Money Markets, Capital Markets and regular bank lending. Market participants. The main trading room of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. New issuance, Investment strategies, Taxation.

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  • The role of debt in motivating organizational efficiency at the enterprise. Evidence from financial restructuring, leveraged buyout and going private transactions, the oil industry. Takeovers in the oil industry. Free cash flow theory of takeovers.

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  • Determining the nature of financial leasing in Ukraine, analysis of the leasing market and identifying inhibitory factors in the development of leasing. Dispensation of the ongoing financial leasing in agriculture for the period from 2007 to the 2013.

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  • A survey of empirical studies on the theory of optimal currency zones (OCZ), most of which offer exchange rate volatility as the index OCZ. The empirical achievements of the theory of OCZ, the advantages and disadvantages of different research methods.

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  • Concept of the capital structure and existing models of capital structure optimization. Classical theories of the optimal capital structure. Models based on approach to equity as a real option. Russian crisis 2014-2015 description. Case of Lukoil Company.

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  • Theoretical principals of fiscal policy and budget planning taking into account scientific approaches to defining essence and interconnection of these concepts. Main tasks of fiscal policy on a local level and factors influencing its implementation.

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  • Разработка дисциплины по выбору "Финансовая информатика на примере интеграции Bloomberg и R-project". Графические средства R-project с возможностью создания графики, которая может включать в себя и математические символы. Интерфейс терминала "Bloomberg".

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  • Role, importance and place of volatility in risk management. Features and characteristics of volatility risk management using financial instruments, the prices of which depend on the volatility of the financial asset. Building a risk management system.

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  • Теоретичні аспекти оцінки фінансової стійкості підприємства. Джерела фінансування діяльності ТОВ "Таврія-В". Шляхи покращення фінансової стійкості підприємства за рахунок оптимізації механізмів фінансування. Контроль реалізації проекту у Project Expert.

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  • Study of trends in savings activity of the population of Belarus and Ukraine in the conditions of economic crisis and post-crisis period. Identify the features of formation of rules of savings of the population in the presence of structural shifts.

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