Making investment decisions with the net present value rule

Equivalent annual costs - the cost per period with the same present value as the cost of buying and operating a machine. Project interaction. An optimal timing and fluctuating load factors. The role of investment decisions with the net present value rule.

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  • Using money for buying or selling goods, for measuring value and for storing wealth. Barter and the double coincidence of wants. Earliest money and its general functions. The earliest money was commodity money. Modern problems with commodity money.

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  • Определение термина "криптовалюта", ее основные преимущества и недостатки. Использование виртуальной валюты Bitcoin, особенности создания кошелька. Колебание цены Bitcoin, виды транзакций и платежей. Способы заработка с помощью Bitcoin Mining Machine.

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  • The relationship between interest on money and on bonds. Model of money for investigating the consequences of demurrage for aggregate production, money velocity, welfare and unemployment. The optimal tax rate for cash balances in national economies.

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  • It is shown the main business indicators system of diagnostics of formation and costs of the enterprise in Ukraine. Also found that as a result of violation of tax legislation of Ukraine, the manager of the enterprise can be applied to legal liability.

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  • Foreign exchange as the monetary means of making payments from one area to another. The participants of the foreign exchange markets. Supply and Demand. Domestic Economic and Political Conditions. The functions of the intervention of a central bank.

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  • Cryptocurrency as a type of electronic means of payment, cryptographic elements of money. The history of the emergence of cryptocurrency, its advantages and disadvantages. Bitcoin - a representative of cryptocurrency operating in the peer-to-peer system.

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  • Оценочная деятельность в рыночных условиях. Основные методы определения стоимости имущества и недвижимости с использованием качественных информационных, программных и методических ресурсов. Суть использования программ Ozenka Biz Free и Project Expert.

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  • The sensitivity analysis and break even project. The essence of the Monte Carlo. The principles for establishing the decision tree. Characteristic features of the options to reduce and going out of business, replicating the experience and development.

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  • The relationship between the main financial products of financial, credit institutions in Tajikistan and remittances of migrant workers. Assessment by financial institutions of all costs and benefits associated with the retention of migrant remittances.

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  • Взаимосвязь финансовых и реальных инвестиций. Альтернативные и независимые проекты. Сущность бизнес-планирования, характеристика компьютерных программ для расчетов. Порядок определения эффективности инвестиционного проекта в системе Project Expert.

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