Structure of Business Letters

Study of difference between business and personnel letters. Analysis of features and types of business letters. Characteristic of letter structure and placement, letter style and the layout of the envelope. Main stages drafting sample of business letter.

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  • Putting the English alphabet according to their order. Writing letters which are missed in alphabet. Putting the letters in the alphabetical order. Matching capital and small letters. Finding the words which are written in an alphabetical order.

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  • The main arguments of drawing parallels between sports and business. Studying the sport metaphors are identified as powerful figurative devices to perceive abstract business concepts by way of more concrete ones. Analyzing which sport they originate from.

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  • Idioms in business english: ways to cross-cultural awareness. english idioms and how to use them. The study of the terms having the structure and meaning of collocations, which are patterned and their meaning is transparent: bank holiday, bank loan.

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  • Networks with memory. Internal representation of time. Structure in letter sequences. Discovering the notion "word". Discovering lexical classes from word order. Types, tokens, and structured representations. Training sequences for sentence simulation.

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  • The relationship between business and society. Business ethics, the methods and purpose of normative ethics to the specific requirements of moral issues in business. Ethics benefits business as a social sub-system in a lockstep manner with compound rate.

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  • Effective strategies appear to encompass certain critical success factors. Locutionary speech act. The specificity of business context. Successful business communication. Аcquire specific manners of communication. Business pragmalinguistic competence.

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  • The trait of the study of the problem of familiarizing senior students of economic specialties with the specifics of the banking business. The main ways of motivating them to represent situations from real life are using learned business vocabulary.

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  • Description and systematization of business terms for the improvement of practical knowledges of business English. Description and linguistic application of terms domain of relating to the economy. Analysis of terms in-use in business negotiations.

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  • The study of language and speech in their correlation with psychological processes and mechanisms. An analysis of the main methods of psycholinguistics. The essence of the systematic errors in the letter. Trends in the development of modern linguistics.

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  • At the times of SU, there wasn’t not only small or middle business, there was not business at all. Necessity to credit small business. Goals for receiving a credit. Interest rates and repayment. Difficulties with preparing documents for receiving a loan.

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