Structure of Business Letters

Study of difference between business and personnel letters. Analysis of features and types of business letters. Characteristic of letter structure and placement, letter style and the layout of the envelope. Main stages drafting sample of business letter.

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  • Questions related to the implementation of the argumentative reference structure of the elementary sentence in the texts of business legal discourse. An analysis of mental schemes for which the participants of legal communication rescue their intentions.

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  • Characteristics of the concept of changes in the logistics system as one of the major economic complexes in the world literature on economics. The peculiarity of business transformation and the essence of increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise.

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  • Characteristic features of internet slang which refers to a variety of slang languages used by different communities on the Internet. Definition of the essence Letter homophones. Analysis onomatopoeic spellings. The study of values of internet slang.

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  • Characteristics of small and medium-sized firms operating in the field of information technology and communications. Analysis of assistance to business incubators companies by renting premises at a reduced price and consulting in various matter areas.

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  • Research on the measurement of the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility. Application of the nonparametric method of synthesis Data envelopment analysis as one of the methods of measuring the charge of those who make business decisions.

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  • Gross domestic product as a widespread macroeconomic indicator. Definition of the stage of the business cycle. A study of the quality of improving the life of the population in each country. Use of international standards to calculate the coefficient.

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  • Analysis of students' aspirations carrier after graduation and five years. Differences arising from the family business and their students the most important social factors. Impact of availability and use of services offered by higher institutions.

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  • Study of the need for training on corporate social responsibility in Bangladesh. Positive impact of responsible business on the productivity of companies. Characteristics of the motivation of top managers to organize such forms of interactive learning.

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  • The main periods in the history of the English language as a subject. Formation of Germanic states in Britain. The system of writing in Old English period. Runic alphabet, its notable features. Types of runic inscriptions. The letters and pronunciation.

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  • Franchising - arrangement where one party grants another party the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as business systems and processes, to produce and market a good or service according to specifications. Its regulation and significance.

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