Scientific and theoretical principles of genres in modern advertology

Modern forms of mass communication. Principles of dividing publications into genres. Analysis of the main approaches to the classification of genre advertising system. Scientific systematization of advertising texts. Development of Ukrainian genrology.

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  • The regional advertising as a form of mass communication. Comprehensive research of the communicative space of the Tyumen region. Analysis of the reasons for using foreign words in advertising texts. Terms of the different languages vocabulary.

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  • The role of advertising in the modern life of each person. Purpose and function of advertising, which is part of the communication activities of the company. The results of a poll of city residents relations to advertising, factors of its effectiveness.

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  • The concept of studying advertising graphics as a form of sociocultural communications with the analysis of stylistic trends, the problems of visualization of ideas and aesthetics. Analysis of the visual language of advertising of the postmodern period.

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  • Analysis of issues related to the development of an effective advertising campaign. Proposed of resources, which will allow the user independently generate advertising budget in the short term; ensure the simplification of decision-making at planning.

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  • Theoretical basics and delivery methods of online advertising. Use of the Internet to target network subscribers. Placing ads on mobile devices. Send of messages using texts, animation and video clips. Benefits of Email marketing. Designing media tactics.

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  • The evaluation of the economic efficiency of the advertising campaign of small and medium-sized businesses and the principles of their Application the use of advertising campaign tools in the context of planning the marketing budget of the enterprise.

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  • The brand advertising in the mass media. The beliefs of consumers modern way of interactive mass media. Benefits of using trademarks of celebrity brand brands. Celebrity-product endorsement equity. Managerial perspective on celebrity endorsement.

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  • The study of special forms of advertising. Consideration of the goals, objectives and types of local advertising. The role of public relations in corporate activity. Creating a corporate identity. Creative strategies in international advertising.

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  • Features of the advertising industry in the people's Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Institutions regulating advertising markets in the regions, analysis of television advertising. Place and role of TV advertising in the advertising sphere.

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  • The Advertising Broker. The New Face of Advertising. The Marketplace and What Happens in it. Trade Marks, Labels, and Logotypes. The Different Kinds of Advertising: corporate, professional, industrial. Marketing Services: copy, art, media, radio-TV.

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