Building a system of simulation modeling for spatially-distributed processes

Simulation modeling for solving problems of mathematical physics. Usage cellular neural networks as means of modeling. Usage locally asynchronous methods as algorithmic software and tool optimization of neural network. The block diagram of the software.

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  • Разработка на основе технологии Neural Network программных комплексов для прогнозирования различных явлений, статистической обработки данных в медицинском учреждении. Система принятия решений при управлении пациентопотоком в медицинских учреждениях.

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  • Describe the architecture for building a cloud-based SaaS application platform, the main characteristics of the services. Creating a software template for the device of communication inherited of air transport, the use of algebras of real-time processes.

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  • Rapid application development - a software approach of construction of end-user products in conditions of changing user requirements and limited time resources. Specific features of high-level description of Framework for domain data organization.

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  • Research entities of the software defined networking which is currently one of the most promising technologies in mobile backhaul networks based on the open flow protocol. Characteristic apply Mininet software to verify the open flow protocol messages.

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  • Особенности составных частей концептуальной модели, сущностей и отношений Unified Modeling Language – языка графического описания для объектного моделирования в области разработки программного обеспечения. Анализ видов диаграмм для моделирования.

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  • The study of the problems and solutions of insufficient quantity and quality of documentation that is created for software in recent decades. Create a discussion of current practices documentation to facilitate a detailed discussion in the future.

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  • Documentation for the software systems as an important factor in maintenance. Status of the existing documentation practices as well as an overview of the quality of the documentation. Creating a discussion of current practices, analysis of the results.

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  • Методические аспекты автоматизированного проектирования информационных технологий. Описание пакета Allfusion Modeling Suite, его возможности и функциональные особенности. Функции и принципы автоматизации диспетчера районов курсирования грузовых вагонов.

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  • The role of the corporate network in the modern infrastructure of the organization, identification and selection. Implementation of the communication in distributed networks, encapsulation in distributed. Packet switching technology - frame relay.

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  • Development of software applications, tools settings of the information system. The connection of additional interfaces and applications, tools to create, configure and manage database tools to generate reports in MS Word, edit them on the server side.

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