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Social "pocketbook" events for the popularization of book reading in Ukraine. Features of architectonics of modern student printed periodicals. Language game as f feature of postmodernism in journalist's text. Show programs communication TV technologies.

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  • The importance of newspapers for social development. The use of developmental materials by ethnic groups in Nigeria’s newspapers. Attraction of the population to reading local publications. Materials about local events and the work of public services.

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  • This article is devoted to the research of "The Name Russia” project as an example of manipulative media communication considered in terms of cognitive and communicative linguistics, speech act theory and the conception of practice in the social sciences.

    статья, добавлен 29.08.2014

  • Description of the current state of the language of advertising in the Ukrainian media space. Typical mistakes in advertising texts, the reasons for their occurrence, violations of literary norms. The samples to improve the language of advertisers.

    статья, добавлен 13.05.2018

  • Journalism as a profession is gaining ground in these days, there is an explosion of information. A journalist must have original thinking in the face of events that take place from time to time. Journalism is a noble and challenging profession.

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  • Formation of reading culture on TV on Zaporizhzhya TV channels "TV-5" and "Alex". The need to pay attention to children's reading and achievements of Ukrainian writers and poets abroad because of the negligent attitude of Ukrainians towards this.

    статья, добавлен 23.08.2018

  • Syntactic organization of news headlines in electronic versions of British and Australian newspapers. Syntax formulas for building headlines for news. Specific features of syntactic formulas for building headlines. Period of "informational explosion".

    статья, добавлен 30.10.2016

  • The role of mass media in modern life. Pros and cons of television. A main ways to provide information and display the news of dramatic events, natural disasters, plane crash, murders and world wars. Interesting facts about the history of television.

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  • Analysis of library and information magazines of the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany. Characteristics of publications on the thematic orientation. Problems and directions of the library industry in Ukraine. The role of the magazine.

    статья, добавлен 03.02.2018

  • The essence and purpose of the media and their role and importance in modern society. The main sources of media: Internet, television. Factors affecting the perception of the world with information. Inuse social networks for the benefit of society.

    презентация, добавлен 04.04.2016

  • Forming a daily picture of the world in the media. Analysis of the content of TV channels in Russia and Ukraine. Political communication strategy. The main symbols of the historical memory of the people as effective means of information warfare.

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