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Social "pocketbook" events for the popularization of book reading in Ukraine. Features of architectonics of modern student printed periodicals. Language game as f feature of postmodernism in journalist's text. Show programs communication TV technologies.

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  • Influence of social media on political processes in Ukraine, in particular on the events of 2013-2014, called the Revolution of Dignity. Advantages and threats of such access to alternatives in comparison with classical audiovisual and printed media.

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  • The identification of the basic text and discursive categories of Ukrainian online media-discourse. Of postmodernism as a cultural paradigm and artistic trend were characterized, the correlation between text and discursive categories of media-discourse.

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  • Consideration of general theoretical framework of analysis, the outline of the project, the corporeal and social context of the communication, the concept of protest communication, and the mechanism of construction of clusters of protest communication.

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  • Research of modern theories of analysis on development of mass medias. Technological optimism and estimation of MASS-MEDIA within the framework of planetary communication. Co-operating of society and the masses with MASS-MEDIA as one-sided communication.

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  • The journalist is a researcher of what is happening in the world, who can competently explain the course of events. The history of journalism and its development. The profession of journalism has both pluses and minuses or advantages and disadvantages.

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  • "The Act on the Principles of the State Language Policy" adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 5 June 2012 worsened the language situation in the state even more. Role of the newspaper ‘The Day’ in the process of forming the state language policy in Ukraine.

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  • Analysis of the peculiarities of the manifestation of cognitive and propagandistic forms of mass communication in the traveling essay of the famous Ukrainian journalist Trublaini. Determination of the general trends in the development of a travel essay.

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  • Beginning of the history of formation of modern tax system of Ukraine with adoption in 1990 of the Law of Ukraine "About the State Tax Service in Ukraine". Analysis of the modern situation of interaction of the State tax service of Ukraine with medias.

    статья, добавлен 01.12.2017

  • The denotation of the words "social media" and their characteristics. Electronic bulletin boards were the first type of website. The application of marketing knowledge, concepts, and techniques to enhance social. Social media makes many for business.

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  • The study of the communicative function as a key function of journalism, since it mediates all other journalistic functions. The definition of journalism as an institution of social communication, through which the communication of citizens of the state.

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