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Social "pocketbook" events for the popularization of book reading in Ukraine. Features of architectonics of modern student printed periodicals. Language game as f feature of postmodernism in journalist's text. Show programs communication TV technologies.

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  • The definition of the mass media. Linguistic features of the press and requirements of graphology and Punctuation. Grammatical peculiarities of article writing. The notion of "title" as a communicative unit, its lexical and grammatical peculiarities.

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  • Fake news and their way of functioning as a modern problem faced by a global society. The justification that fake news is not the root of the problem, but rather a symptom of a more serious problem that affects the political and informational spheres.

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Работы в архивах красиво оформлены согласно требованиям ВУЗов и содержат рисунки, диаграммы, формулы и т.д.
PPT, PPTX и PDF-файлы представлены только в архивах.
Рекомендуем скачать работу и оценить ее, кликнув по соответствующей звездочке.