Globalization effects on youth: opportunity or threat?

The process of integration and interaction of humanity and countries of different nations. Critical thinking skills. Access to global media. Influence on behavior, on thinking. The positive and negative effects of mass media on young people in Kazakhstan.

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  • The procedure for conducting a review of current research on Russia's public sphere. The conceptualization of the concept of a democratic discourse to define variables and indicators and description of the data. Evaluation of the discourse of the media.

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  • The definition of the mass media. Linguistic features of the press and requirements of graphology and Punctuation. Grammatical peculiarities of article writing. The notion of "title" as a communicative unit, its lexical and grammatical peculiarities.

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  • Forming a daily picture of the world in the media. Analysis of the content of TV channels in Russia and Ukraine. Political communication strategy. The main symbols of the historical memory of the people as effective means of information warfare.

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  • The denotation of the words "social media" and their characteristics. Electronic bulletin boards were the first type of website. The application of marketing knowledge, concepts, and techniques to enhance social. Social media makes many for business.

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  • An overview of the existence of the investigated media that arose in the context of the hybrid war that Russia is taking against the West, when the element of propaganda plays a significant role in order to divert public opinion in European countries.

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  • Гибкие методики управления проектами в сфере медиа, их характеристика. Понятие и особенности "small media". Исследование специфики применения гибких методологии к формату проектов "small media" на примере agile-трансформации интернет-издания "Include".

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  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the media topics. Distribution of information, develop and promote efficient technical standards to improve the management and exchange of information between content providers, intermediaries and consumers.

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  • The concept of media reality on the example of television news. Relationship between the archaic picture of the world and the media. Hypothesis about the analogy between the archaic picture of the world and the structure of the sphere of visual media.

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  • Рассмотрение истории социальной журналистики и ее особенностей. Определение понятия и специфики "малых медиа", их структуры и особенностей. Анализ интервью с основателями проектов "small media", исследований теоретиков о социальной журналистике.

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  • A brief overview of MAD. MAD - Media Abstract Description. Content-based information retrieval process in MAD. Facets, weights and parameterization. Formal specification of queries: formulation, interpretation, modification. Conclusions and future work.

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