Globalization effects on youth: opportunity or threat?

The process of integration and interaction of humanity and countries of different nations. Critical thinking skills. Access to global media. Influence on behavior, on thinking. The positive and negative effects of mass media on young people in Kazakhstan.

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  • Description of the current state of the language of advertising in the Ukrainian media space. Typical mistakes in advertising texts, the reasons for their occurrence, violations of literary norms. The samples to improve the language of advertisers.

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  • Analysis of the question of Liu Xiaobo case that brightly reflecting the position of public intellectuals in China and their role as described by the mass media. Opinion on Liu Xiaobo case by "China Daily" and case by "South China Morning Post".

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  • The identification of the basic text and discursive categories of Ukrainian online media-discourse. Of postmodernism as a cultural paradigm and artistic trend were characterized, the correlation between text and discursive categories of media-discourse.

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  • Основное назначение Media Relations. Роль социальных сетей во взаимоотношениях с аудиторией. Принципы ведения корпоративного аккаунта, стиль общения. Описание развития отношений средств массовой информации с читателями на примере интернет-газеты Лента.ру.

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  • Analysis of the state of regional broadcasting facilities in the occupied territory of Luhansk region. Ensuring the freedom and openness of broadcasting. Reformatting the functions of the media under the conditions of the antiterrorist operation.

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  • Consideration of general theoretical framework of analysis, the outline of the project, the corporeal and social context of the communication, the concept of protest communication, and the mechanism of construction of clusters of protest communication.

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  • Information, discussion and representation as a political functions of press in Great Britain. Characteristics of popular local and regional newspapers. The principles of British broadcasting on television and radio. Services of BBC and ITV corporations.

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  • Историческое становление СМИ (mass-media) и его значение в системе формирования общественного мнения. Сущность и черты СМИ в современных условиях, массовая поп-культура. Направления СМИ в культурно-досуговой деятельности (интернет, телевидение, пресса).

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  • The preservation of cultural and spiritual heritage in the Russia. Religious situation and state-confessional relations in the country. Promotion of basic ideas, historical processes, new living conditions in Russian society with the help of journalism.

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  • Determination of the role in the information support of amateur Internet journalism. Motives for addressing Internet users to amateur journalism. Self-designation, self-presentation and self-presentation in the process of creating a media product.

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