Globalization effects on youth: opportunity or threat?

The process of integration and interaction of humanity and countries of different nations. Critical thinking skills. Access to global media. Influence on behavior, on thinking. The positive and negative effects of mass media on young people in Kazakhstan.

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  • Feminist Interpretive Framework. Conceptualizing Gender, Structural, and Symbolic Violence. Patriarchal Gender System. Structural Violence. The Media and Symbolic Violence against Women. Gender Representation in Films. Portrayal of Gender in Films.

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  • The late emergence of film, distinguish between technique and technology. Analyses of "Television as Ideology". The ideology of the culture industry. Society projects into film. The television film Antithese by Kagel as the example of interaction.

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  • Analysis of the peculiarities of the manifestation of cognitive and propagandistic forms of mass communication in the traveling essay of the famous Ukrainian journalist Trublaini. Determination of the general trends in the development of a travel essay.

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  • The importance of newspapers for social development. The use of developmental materials by ethnic groups in Nigeria’s newspapers. Attraction of the population to reading local publications. Materials about local events and the work of public services.

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  • Analysis of library and information magazines of the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany. Characteristics of publications on the thematic orientation. Problems and directions of the library industry in Ukraine. The role of the magazine.

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  • Fake news and their way of functioning as a modern problem faced by a global society. The justification that fake news is not the root of the problem, but rather a symptom of a more serious problem that affects the political and informational spheres.

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  • The role of metaphor in the discourse of Donald Trump and its influence on the political beliefs of the electorate. The study of his language manipulation, which provides the basis for the operation of ideological beliefs of the masses on a large scale.

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  • The principles of television activity and programs for children, in which they promote Ukrainian national-spiritual values. The main precondition for the effective influence of television programs on children as the organic combination of regional value.

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  • Concepts of cultural imperialism and cultural diplomacy, as propagandas. Analysis of basic functions of journalism. The process of clearance of relationship between journalism and propaganda. Television and press, as methods of manipulation a man.

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  • Automotive brand press recipient and reader category, which plays an important role in branding, the process of building and establishing the brand’s image. Suitable formulation of reader address and its impact on increase of the gained clients count.

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