Hardware and software

The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • Practical acquaintance with the capabilities, configuration of firewalls. Information security in computer systems. Identify and control applications. The addition of security devices. Regular inspections of all users, regardless of location or device.

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  • Characteristics and purpose of computer databases. Database features for web e-Commerce site. Application storage archive them to external sources. The process of loading and managing data. To determine the basis for access to online registration systems.

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  • Theoretical foundations of software engineering interactive systems for personal computer. The definition of the essence and content of usability engineering. The rationale for the choice of directions for creating and prototyping interface design.

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  • Characteristics of the model research cyber-physical systems in industrial production. Description of the hardware installation process and software environment. Consideration of modern approaches to modeling distributed software and semantic data.

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  • Analysis of the model of dynamic classification software applications included in the business critical systems for security access. Information technology, allowing to distinguish three basic classes of safety-critical access software applications.

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  • Levels of programming support tools. Elements of windowing systems. Possible software architectures. Using toolkits for objects interaction. Paradigms for programming interfaces in applications. Implementation of user interface management systems (UIMS).

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  • Computer science as the theory of representation, processing and use of the information, main directions of development of science, its subject, ikomponenty. Properties and coding information. Rules of conversion from binary to decimal number system.

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  • Learning English for working with the computer and other information technology. Working with computer programs, discussion of problems and project planning. Use for intermediate level students and above. Using software: useful verbs, the control panel.

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  • Methods of traversal of high-level multi-threaded models formalized in the Use Case Map computer language. Advantages and disadvantages of this approach compared to existing ones. Generation character lines that are used to test software systems.

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  • Procedure Oriented Programming. Return Type of mai. Example with Class. Creating Source File. Compiling and Linking. Representation of subjects of real problems in system design. Developing module, which are tolerant to any changes in the future.

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