Hardware and software

The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • A test-bed for research cyber-physical production systems and the hardware setup and the software environment. A new approach for distributed software and semantic data modelling is introduced. System SEPIA - а semantic cyber-physical system approach.

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  • Development of software applications, tools settings of the information system. The connection of additional interfaces and applications, tools to create, configure and manage database tools to generate reports in MS Word, edit them on the server side.

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  • Description of technology of off-wire computer networks with the productivity 100 Mb/s in the point of output and maintenance of information. Description of parameters of middle access and determination of multiple entrance. Physical layer, radio, WLAN.

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  • Software system documentation is the most critical during maintenance tasks, where tremendous amounts of time are spend understanding the software and its documentation. The status of current documentation practices as well as a view on its quality.

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  • A General idea on the basis of information contained in cryptographic systems. Feature encryption standard "Rijndael". The principles of encoding data with a public key algorithm RSA. Safety standards models of information flow in computer programs.

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  • The main peripheral and internal devices of the personal computer. Purpose mouse, keyboard and joystick. Recording information of the disk drive to the hard drive. Sound media files. Scan and copy documents. Types of monitors, projectors and speakers.

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  • Kompyutinhove storage as one of the paradigms of periodic training neural networks through the use of rekurrentnoyi other indicators. The new approach, which focuses on learning fuzzy systems thatand its parameters are adapting their structure online.

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  • Documentation for the software systems as an important factor in maintenance. Status of the existing documentation practices as well as an overview of the quality of the documentation. Creating a discussion of current practices, analysis of the results.

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  • The elements of computer security. Cryptography approaches and attacks. An advanced encryption standard. Key generation and distribution approaches and attacks. The qualities of workable security solutions. The trusted platform module at biometrics.

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  • Choice relationship database system, a cloud platform and a software platform for implementing and deploying the relational database system, resource and service agents; software module market risk. User interface for outputting the received information.

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