Hardware and software

The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • The nature and characteristics of distributed operating systems. Characteristic and distinctive features of operating systems real-time. Description, application and purpose multiprocessor operating systems, its role and place in computer security.

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  • The use of specific application packages in the professional field. The integration of mobile technologies and cloud computing. Systems design and automation of scientific research. Educational software packages. Programs in economically viable.

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  • Intellectual information systems as hybrid neural networks. Using the topology of neural networks based on a fuzzy perceptron, ANFIS, TSK, Wang & Mendel’s network to solve diagnostic problems in medicine. Influence of the fuzzy rule on output signal.

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  • Feature models for the study of cyber-physical systems in the field of industrial production. Description of the installation of equipment and software environment. Analysis of the current approach for modeling of distributed software and semantic data.

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  • The concept of e-learning, its advantages, flexibility of time and place in comparison with formal learning. Creation of a hybrid information system that integrates computer vision and machine learning technologies for visual and interactive systems.

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  • Organizational problems that affect the decision. Socio-technical model and methodology of soft systems. Training users find information. The impact of structure in work. Free search system problems computer. Electronic communication as a critical mass.

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  • The modern computer technologies. Drawing of clock-pulse generator that from pulse sequence for all programming system. Engineering graphics OrCAD Capture. Projecting and design of principal schemes in electronics, microelectronics and electrotechniques.

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  • A random access memory. Examples of peripheral devices: expansion card, video card, image scanners, tape drives, microphones, speakers, web and digital cameras. Network or shared printers. Print three-dimensional objects. Printing 3D models from STL file.

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  • Theoretical foundations of the relativistic paradigm in physics and interactive technologies. An example of a community of interactive computing. Programming tool and tools for computer create physical and electronic worlds in everyday activities.

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  • Simulation modeling for solving problems of mathematical physics. Usage cellular neural networks as means of modeling. Usage locally asynchronous methods as algorithmic software and tool optimization of neural network. The block diagram of the software.

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