Using methodof point factor evaluation of the positions of employees of enterprises

Motivation refers to the important functions of the enterprise management. It encourages employees and managers to meet their own needs and the objectives of the enterprise, forming system of incentive motivation, providing with benefits, extra payments.

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  • The approach to determining the labor motivation level of personnel. The major ways of labor motivation methods' enhancement within the human resources management. Senior, middle and lower level managers, specialists and workers of production divisions.

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  • The system and evaluation criteria of company employees' competence are formulated and grounded. That allows a quantitative assessment of competence for appropriate management decisions regarding the impact of development on a financial performance.

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  • Formation of a system of stimulation of employees, which allows to identify the impact of individual needs of the employee on the possibility and rationality of the use of specific tools for motivation. Individualized approach to motivation of work.

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  • Employees as an important component of the business. Consideration of the main functions of the company's worker. Human Resources: staff selection, training, development of employees. Evaluation of the performance of employment in the organization.

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  • Consideration of the problem of personnel management as a key element for provision of normal and effective development of an enterprise in the present day economic conditions. Investigation of conditions motivation enhancement mechanism creation.

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  • The need for operational control in the enterprise. Operational management, its nature, tasks, functions, methods and instruments of implementation. Providing managers with information about the status of the company and the market in which it operates.

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  • Integration of Ukraine into the global economy. The sustainable development and competitiveness in a highly competitive, economic crisis. The real ways of adapting staff to a market economy. Motivation as an effective personnel management factor.

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  • The correspondence of the perception of the essence of enterprise management processes and personnel system approach. Justification of the strategic elements of the subsystem of personnel management and tapiserie process of enterprise management.

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  • Enterprise as an entity. Consideration types of enterprises according to ownership, type of activity, number of employees. Association in cooperatives. Industry classification and company profile determined the products produced or services provided.

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  • Rewards and employee satisfaction. Rewards and motivation. Equity and participation. Compensation systems: the dilemmas of practice. Management’s influence on attitudes toward money. Pay for performance. Russian management’s approach to motivation.

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