Deuterons interaction with nuclei 208pb at sub-barrier energies

Interaction of weakly bound nuclei. The cluster structure of the neutron rich nuclei. The differential cross sections for elastic scattering of deuterons. The continuous energy distribution of protons and the peak of the structure of their spectra.

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  • Investigation of physical-energy States, reactions and excitation spectra in deformed heavy nuclear systems, magnetic spectrograph. Modeling schemes States actinide nuclei fissility. Calculation of inertia parameters of energy in the examined groups.

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  • Properties of nuclei, heavy ion collisions and neutron stars. An estimate of the coefficient of incompressibility. Frequent mode of interaction of a particle collision. The theory for the microscopic description of the various modes of giant resonances.

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  • Distance is used for interacting channel fragments in resonating group calculation of elastic scattering 3He(d, d)3He. Simple two level approximation of this dependence enables to obtain an essential improving of calculated differential cross sections.

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  • Study of features of production a-particles with nonzero orbital angular momentum in the decay of deformed nuclei in the cluster model using the WKB. Characteristics of a-decay half-lives for set of deformed nuclei with nonzero orbital angular momentum.

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  • A system of Dirac equations describing the dynamics of quarks in the metric of atomic nuclei. Description of the binding energy of nucleons as a function of the quark content. Dependence of the binding energy of nucleons similar to electron shells.

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  • Semiclassical approach based on the Vlasov equation for finite systems with moving surface. Study isovector dipole excitations heated spherical nuclei with neutron excess. Collision integral in the approximation of the effective relaxation time.

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  • The model for 6Li nucleus is used to study the structure properties of this system within the variational method with Gaussian basis. The description of the elastic S-phases at low energies simultaneously with correct values of the binding energy.

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  • The properties of the nucleus fragments, subject to its extreme temperature and density. The way the study of processes occurring in neutron stars and nuclei, during collisions of heavy ions. Value of temperature to compensate the effect of energy.

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  • Neutron cross sections have been measured for Lu and Tb isotopes with neutron activation method. The coincidence summing and self-absorption effects have been taken into account. Calculations of efficiency have been performed with Monte Carlo simulations.

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  • Characteristic the model of chaotic behavior of nucleons in nuclei, based on the model of nuclear interactions and the Fermi-Dirac statistics. The results of the study and a graphic representation of the chaotic behavior of nucleons in the coupled system.

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