Deuterons interaction with nuclei 208pb at sub-barrier energies

Interaction of weakly bound nuclei. The cluster structure of the neutron rich nuclei. The differential cross sections for elastic scattering of deuterons. The continuous energy distribution of protons and the peak of the structure of their spectra.

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  • Сalculating an energy separation for the protons and neutrons in the family mirror nuclei with Z=N±1. The energy separation of protons and neutrons from nuclei with odd and even nucleon subshell. The effect of particle-hole interaction in nucleus.

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  • Familiarity of peculiarities of three- and four-cluster nuclei 6He, 6Li И 10Be, 10C. The steps for calculating the distribution of the charge density and form factors of the nuclei, analysis of the asymptotic behavior of the amplitudes of clustering.

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  • The study of reaction mechanisms in collisions induced by halo and/or weakly bound nuclei around the Coulomb barrier. Description of the reaction dynamics. Preventing capture incoming projectile suppression of synthesis. Activity irradiated targets.

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  • An overview of the potential energy of the strained randomly-oriented nuclei and their properties in the entrance channel, where the thermonuclear reaction, causes of superheavy elements. The essence of interaction deformed axially symmetric nuclei.

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  • Theoretical study of important bulk properties of nuclei far from stability. The formation of neutron skin and its evolution with an increase of the neutron number is investigated on the basis of a self-consistent deformed mean-field Hartree-Fock.

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  • The three-body reactions from interaction alpha-particle with energy 67 MeV and tritium were investigated in kinemanically-complete experiment. The excitation energies and energy widths of some unbound levels of nuclei 5Не and 6Li were determined using.

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  • Parameters alpha-nuclear interaction potential. Potential barrier formed by the Coulomb, nuclear and centrifugal forces. Selection of the experimental data on the half-lives of 344 alpha-active nuclei and capture cross sections of alpha particles.

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  • The study forms the colliding nuclei. Defining the role of quadratic terms in the quadrupole deformations on the fusion cross section around the barrier induced deformed nuclei. The approach for determining the parameters of the nuclear potential.

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  • Study of heavy and superheavy nuclei. Small sectional synthesis SHN. Analysis of the height of the static fission barriers Bfst of heavy nuclei at the single particle. Determination of the energy of the odd nucleon. Static barrier spontaneous fission.

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  • The model of chaotic behavior nucleons in nuclei, based on the model of nuclear interactions and the Fermi-Dirac statistics. Energy potential of nucleons at a constant temperature in the range of parameters. Discrete model of the energy levels in nuclei.

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