Deuterons interaction with nuclei 208pb at sub-barrier energies

Interaction of weakly bound nuclei. The cluster structure of the neutron rich nuclei. The differential cross sections for elastic scattering of deuterons. The continuous energy distribution of protons and the peak of the structure of their spectra.

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  • Averaged level-density shell corrections and shell-structure energies are continuous through all symmetry-breaking (bifurcation) points. Enhancement of the nuclear shell structure near bifurcations in the superdeformed region for the level densities.

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  • A study of the incidence set the value of Skyrmeparameters. Characteristic of the radii of the valence neutrons orbits in the mode energy of multiple cores. How to limit values Skyrme parameters. Sketch of the contemporary state of nuclear matter.

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  • Measurement of an exit of reaction of nd of disorder in experiment on the RADEKS neutron channel of Institute of nuclear researches (Moscow). Detecting of two secondary neutrons in a configuration a neutron-neutron interaction in a final condition.

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  • Characteristic of the periodic law in the original formulation of Mendeleev. Study of the theory of nuclear interactions. Computation of the binding energy of nucleons. Analysis of parameters describing periodic trends in the formation of nuclear shells.

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  • Using the general formalism of quantum theory of resonance scattering amplitudes for the construction process with the formation of an intermediate resonance in the incident particle and the nucleus. The energy distributions of the emitted nuclei.

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  • The results of the experiment satisfactorily in the framework of the microscopic diffraction nuclear model taking into account the interaction in the final state. The main process leading to appearance of deuterons in the output channel of reaction.

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  • Limited energy resources as a major problem in the energy sector. Increased use of oil and natural gas. Reaction of nuclear fission and fusion. The energy released in the fusion of two light nuclei. Isolation of radioactive hazardous substances.

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  • Design of the experimental setup, depending on the time of flight fragment separator COMBAS and multi-channel recording system developed for the study of light exotic nuclei. The use of precise correlation method for resonance spectroscopy collapse.

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  • At deuteron energy of 37 MeV the 6He inclusive spectra are measured in the exit channel of reaction 7Li(d,6He)3He. Structure of 6He spectra explained by processes of excitation and decay of 7Li and 7He unbound states in accompanied reaction channels.

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  • Experimental measurement of second- and third-order scattering spectra in bulk nanocrystals embedded in glass. Determination of the ratio of the intensities of multiphonon bands in spectra. Analysis of the electron-phonon interaction in bulk crystals.

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