Term formation in English, German and Russian logistics terminology

Systematization of the main ways of translating the meanings of the verb can into Russian. Means of lexicalization of modal trajectories of the verb can in the Russian language, cross-linguistic comparison of modal values with his "translateme".

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  • The essence of modality as a category of linguistic meaning, its objective and subjective types. The concept of Sh. Ballie for modality in the West-European linguistics. Modal values having different means of expression according to the A.V. Bondarko.

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  • Review of Theoretical and Practical Studying of Modality in English. The Notion of Modality. The Category of Modality. Modal Words as Means of Expressing the Truth. Syntactic Functions of Modal Words. Comparison and General Characteristics of Modal Words.

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  • The main morphological features reductions in the Russian and Japanese. The processes of word formation in the socio-historical perspective. The study of differences in historical and cultural features. Analysis and comparison of models of cuts.

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  • The formation of the speech competencies of students studying Russian as a foreign language in a foreign university. Techniques that contribute to the development of foreign language skills developed at the Department of Russian Language and Literature.

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  • The definition of term "adjective" and the characteristic of adjectives from grammatical point of view. The role of adjectives in English language. The ways of translation of english adjectives into russian. Reflecting modern trends in linguistics.

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  • Consideration of pain from a linguistic point of view. Analysis of semantic zones, acting as a source for the vocabulary of pain. The operation of verbs in written speech. The predicates and control of pain verbs and the methods for their formation.

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  • Equity research meaning of the word, Russian designs. The semantic structure of nominalization. Development tools for the automatic removal of the construction of the lemma of annotated according Treebank Russian texts, and their classification.

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  • The information about the english proverbs and sayings and some their meaning and explaining of them. Phraseological word-groups with transferred meaning. The peculiarities of translating sayings and difference between English and Russian sayings style.

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  • Borrowed English words in Russian language. The reasons of borrowing anglicisms. The classification of anglicisms. The impact of borrowed words on Russian language. Anglicisms’ role in everyday life, sphere of their use, impact on the lives of teenagers.

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  • Phraseology of language. The study of the linguistic picture of the world. Phraseological units, which reflect traditions, customs and belief of English and Russian nation. The features of the national psychology, mentality and culture of any society.

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